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ARC Review: We Are Okay by Nina LaCour

This is the first book I read from this author and I absolutely loved her style.


About the book: 

“You go through life thinking there’s so much you need. . . . Until you leave with only your phone, your wallet, and a picture of your mother.”

Marin hasn’t spoken to anyone from her old life since the day she left everything behind. No one knows the truth about those final weeks. Not even her best friend Mabel. But even thousands of miles away from the California coast, at college in New York, Marin still feels the pull of the life and tragedy she’s tried to outrun. Now, months later, alone in an emptied dorm for winter break, Marin waits. Mabel is coming to visit and Marin will be forced to face everything that’s been left unsaid and finally confront the loneliness that has made a home in her heart.



We Are Okay is about friendship and family more than anything, it has LGBT themes but it’s not the main theme even though it helps the development of the main character. I loved the pace of the book and that I could get inside the story every time grabbed the book. The pace of the book is soft and easy to read. Like I thought when I was reading it, this is my type of YA book.

This book is very short, I finished it so fast that I wanted more. I wanted to live inside this story for a longer time. I don’t know if this is bad or good.

This is the type of book I would like everyone to read. I loved it so much. I read it back in December and I’ve been dying to see it on shelves so everyone can enjoy this amazing book.



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Book Review: Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea by April Genevieve Tucholke



After reading and loving Wink Poppy Midnight by April Genevieve Tucholke I wanted to read everything she wrote. I love her writing style and her stories and Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea was a must read.

First of all, I couldn’t stop reading it. It has mystery, unpredictable twist, romance, strong female lead, swoony guy with long brown hair and sun-tanned skin, and Narnia references (again!). Everything I love! Every time I tried to stop reading I had to pick it up again, even at night I couldn’t sleep. I slept a few minutes and woke up to keep reading until I finish it in almost a day.

I loved the main character, Violet, she felt so real and I related a lot to her. I think I love every character in this book, even the bad guy who totally reminded me of Killgrave from Jessica Jones.

This book reminded me a bit of I’ll Give You The Sun, because the main character, Violet, has a painter twin brother and she has a weird obsession with her dead grandmother. Add a spark of Mara Dyer’s paranormality and romance and you’ll get and idea of what this book is. I love Tucholke’s writing style. She makes me want to live in her worlds and live her stories.

The ending was bittersweet but satisfying. I loved it so much. You must read it because my words are nothing. I can talk about this book the whole day.

5/5 stars!

I’m going to read the sequel right now!

Book Review: Girl Against The Universe by Paula Stokes

After reading Liars,Inc by Paula Stokes, and knowing about all its alternates endings I was afraid to read this book.


Girl Against The Universe surprised me. It’s a beautiful read with amazing characters. I couldn’t put it down!

I read this book as soon as I got it in hands. I was curious to know what Stokes brought up after the amazing Liars, Inc. This is a totally different book with the same heart Paula Stokes gives to her books. I loved that the secondary characters had their own problems too. It helped me to care for them and pay more attention to them, specially to Jordy. He’s Maguire’s love interest and he’s also going through his own problems. He’s a great secondary character and he’s obviously moved by Maguire’s story. Both characters complement each other and they began to work out their fears together. They have a perfect chemistry!

Girl Against The Universe is the kind of cute book with a powerful message  for all of us who suffer insecurities and anxiety. We can’t control the Universe but we can take control of ourselves.

When I finished this book I couldn’t stop hugging it and feel inspired. It reminded me of how I felt when I finished reading Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell. It’s has that kind of ending.

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Book Review: This Is Where It Ends by Marieke Nijkamp


I wanted to read this book after seeing so many authors talking about it on Twitter. And when my friend asked me for which I wanted from my wish list, I decided it was time to pick This Is Where It Ends. I started reading it right away, I needed a different book and this was one that filled that need.

This Is Where It Ends it’s the tale about a school shooting. The whole story happens in a hour, told in four different perspectives, diverse characters and full tension that won’t let you keep your eyes away from the book. This a very important read. Each character has it’s own story and relation to each other. I wish we could see and know more about them but the book is very into the point. Even though we get to know more about their pasts I felt like I needed more to feel connected to them.

I don’t blame you if you cry with this book. It’s heartbreaking, there’s a lot of blood and it’s very shocking. I couldn’t stop reading even when I wanted to because I was desperate to know what happens.

Overall, this is a great book! A must read if you are tired of reading love stories and happy endings. I can’t compare it to any book I’ve read so far because I’ve never read anything like it.

4/5 stars.

Book Review: I’ll Give You The Sun by Jandy Nelson

Wow wow wow. So many surprises, unexpected turns and a beautiful ending. This book is a painting, a sketch, a sculpture turned into a book. I’ve never read anything like this before, and I wasn’t ready for turns in the story. I dove into it, swam around Jandy Nelson’s beautiful prose and let the story got inside me and drown down in it. The ending felt like I had been dropped from the YA literature heaven. 

I read this book first because one of my favorite authors, Tahereh Mafi, was raving about it so I took her recommendation.

It’s a heart breaking beautiful story about a sister and brother and their family secrets.

This book it’s a message of hope. It’s that kind of book that shakes your world and remakes it. There is tragic, heartbreaks, swoony moments and everything you look for in a book that is so good it will make you cry. It’s a very inspiring book.

The story is told from the twins POV, Noah, the boy, tells the story from when they where 13 years old. Jude, the girl, tells the story when they are 16 years old, after a tragic event happened in their life that turn the twins apart. The misunderstandings and the truths they kept inside, that they were never able to get out, is what makes this story surprising and intriguing. Jude was my favorite speaker. Her courage of going for what she wants was very inspiring for me. Once she was clear about what she wanted she went up for it no mattered what. Noah, wow. He blew me away too. Both of them are very complex and what happens with them will surprise you. Besides Jude, every other character in this book are also extraordinary. Each carry their own secrets and their own burdens.

Each twin has a love story of their own, each complicated and beautiful. I will not share the details, just I’ll say that Jude’s, wait no, Noah’s…no Jude’s …they are both amazing love stories. I’ll just say that Jude’s better because it’s a girl and a boy and I can relate more. But Noah’s story is amazing too. *tears*

I wish there was another book about their parents because they play a very important role in this story.

I say this book is for everyone, young adult or not. I am sure there is something for everyone in this book.

Book Review: Made You Up by Francesca Zappia

About the book:

Reality, it turns out, is often not what you perceive it to be—sometimes, there really is someone out to get you. For fans of Silver Linings Playbook and Liar, this thought-provoking debut tells the story of Alex, a high school senior—and the ultimate unreliable narrator—unable to tell the difference between real life and delusion.

Alex fights a daily battle to figure out what is real and what is not. Armed with a take-no-prisoners attitude, her camera, a Magic 8 Ball, and her only ally (her little sister), Alex wages a war against her schizophrenia, determined to stay sane long enough to get into college. She’s pretty optimistic about her chances until she runs into Miles. Didn’t she imagine him? Before she knows it, Alex is making friends, going to parties, falling in love, and experiencing all the usual rites of passage for teenagers. But Alex is used to being crazy. She’s not prepared for normal. Can she trust herself? Can we trust her?

I am happy to say that this book is like nothing you’ve read before. The prologue was weird but choking and it’s what sets the different parts of the book as you’ll see when you read it. It’s all about the lobsters, they trapped in a tank and setting them free. Alex suffers from schizophrenia and she’s trying to set into a normal high school life. As we know, high school is not easy. She meets new people, lot of stuff happens, she falls in love, things get messed up, well, high school.

I felt like at the start there were many characters going around that I got a bit lost and I felt like this book was going to disappoint me. As the story develops and you start to figure things out and understand the characters better, I couldn’t stop reading. I couldn’t help but love the book.
Miles is Alex’s love interest. They are a blast together. They are the perfect fit for each other. I loved their chemistry and how they cared for each other.
The character development of each character was done very mature and brilliant. I dropped a few tears with the beautiful funny scene near the end, I hope you enjoy as much as I did. I loved the ending, very inspiring and superb.
Made You Up traits a different mental illness that is not depression, like we are so used to in the YA genre. It makes you aware of the struggles of people living with schizophrenia and how it is not impossible for them to carry a normal life. This is not a sad book, is a love book, it’s hope, it is overcoming our fears and knowing that there is people who cares.
If you are looking for a different book this one is for you.
Rest to say. Is this story real or part of Alex imagination? I say, it’s up to you to decide.
**An eARC of this title was provided by the publisher via Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review. However, that did not influence this review in any way. All thoughts, quotes, and opinions will be of this version and not of the published edition.**

Book Review: I’ll Meet You There by Heather Demetrios

About the book:

If seventeen-year-old Skylar Evans were a typical Creek View girl, her future would involve a double-wide trailer, a baby on her hip, and the graveyard shift at Taco Bell. But after graduation, the only thing standing between straightedge Skylar and art school are three minimum-wage months of summer. Skylar can taste the freedom–that is, until her mother loses her job and everything starts coming apart. Torn between her dreams and the people she loves, Skylar realizes everything she’s ever worked for is on the line.
Nineteen-year-old Josh Mitchell had a different ticket out of Creek View: the Marines. But after his leg is blown off in Afghanistan, he returns home, a shell of the cocksure boy he used to be. What brings Skylar and Josh together is working at the Paradise–a quirky motel off California’s dusty Highway 99. Despite their differences, their shared isolation turns into an unexpected friendship and soon, something deeper.

“How is the Sky today?”

“Perfect. Not a cloud.”

I just finished reading this book and I have no words to describe it. I wish I could write a book like this but I would never do justice to Heather Demetrios, she did a super amazing job with this. I loved every bit of it, and you have to read it. OMG I will never be over the perfection of some scenes that were absolutely brilliant. This is not you typical cheesy romantic book, there’s more in it, so much more.

Skylar ( I love this name), she felt so real. She wants to leave her small town and follow her dream, but when she starts to spend time with Josh and add another things. Sky is not sure if it is the right time to go to college and follow her dreams.  She face doubts and struggles until she finds a way to set things in order. No one ever said such roads are easy, it wasnt for her neither for Josh after coming from the war and losing his leg. I loved that I got into her emotions and I cried with her, felt everything she was feeling. I lived this book as if it was my own story. I lived every moment.

Josh was a bit of an as** but once you learn to understand him you just want to hug him and never let him go. I had mixed feelings about him. Sometimes I wanted to punch him in the face. But then he’s all sweet and so cute and lovely you can’t help but love him.

I bookmarked this book on many scenes, that are simply perfect.

I wish I could expand more about this book but I don’t want to give out any spoiler by accident. Just know that the characters are great and dynamic. The message of the book is inspiring. You will relate to something. And what more can I say?

Oh, if you didn’t pre- ordered this book and didn’t got the letter, you are missing the best part! Just saying…. LIKE, IT IS HE BEST PART.

Book Review: Simon Vs. The Homo Sapiens Agenda by Becky Albertalli

From Goodreads:

Sixteen-year-old and not-so-openly gay Simon Spier prefers to save his drama for the school musical. But when an email falls into the wrong hands, his secret is at risk of being thrust into the spotlight. Now Simon is actually being blackmailed: if he doesn’t play wingman for class clown Martin, his sexual identity will become everyone’s business. Worse, the privacy of Blue, the pen name of the boy he’s been emailing, will be compromised.

Reviews of this book were saying marvelous things about it and I got curious. I picked it up in my local bookstore and as soon as I got home I started reading it. I couldn’t stop. The first two pages are enough to keep you engaged to the story and you won’t be able to put it down. I laughed, swooned and of course, I cried. When I finished the book all could think about was the beauty of this book, the way the author wrote a love story but more than a love story, a story about acceptance and coming out as you are as a person.

My favorite characters were Simon’s parents. They are the best parents I’ve ever read. If I ever become a mother I want to be like them. I am glad that this book didn’t turned out to be a depressing book or turned into a sad ending because that would have been very disappointing.

Simon has been emailing Blue, but we don’t know who is Blue. Anyone can be Blue. I was trying to figure him out and thought my prediction wasn’t correct, I was glad with it. I loved when Blue comes out. I loved everything.

This is the first LGBTT book I read. I think that this book particularly is just not for the LGBTT community, but for everyone. We all have dealt with discovering our sexuality at some point in our lives, and then chosen which sex are we attracted too. This book is about coming out, coming out as who you are as a person. Coming out regardless what people think or expect from you to be.

I don’t regret reading this book. It opened up more my mind and my view to this community.

Did you read the book? Is it in your TBR? Leave a comment. I want to know your thoughts.

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Book Review: Finding Paris by Joy Preble

Release date: April 21,2015

     I know you are going to fall for this book no matter how this review goes. I don’t blame you. This book wears one of the most beautiful book covers of this year, no doubt. And if you take off the dust jacket, you’ll love it more. I admit that one of the reason I wanted to read this book was because of the book cover, yeah I’m that kind of person sometimes. Enough of the book cover praise, let’s talk about the content.

From Goodreads:

Sisters Leo and Paris Hollings have only ever had each other to rely on. They can’t trust their mother, who hops from city to city and from guy to guy, or their gambler stepfather, who’s moved them all to Las Vegas. It’s just the two of them: Paris, who’s always been the dreamer, and Leo, who has a real future in mind–going to Stanford, becoming a doctor, falling in love. But Leo isn’t going anywhere right now, except driving around Vegas all night with her sister.

Until Paris ditches Leo at the Heartbreak Hotel Diner, where moments before they had been talking with physics student Max Sullivan. Outside, Leo finds a cryptic note from Paris–a clue. Is it some kind of game? Where is Paris, and why has she disappeared? When Leo reluctantly accepts Max’s offer of help, the two find themselves following a string of clues through Vegas and beyond. But the search for the truth is not a straight line. And neither is the path to secrets Leo and Max hold inside.

I’m going to do this review very careful because I don’t want to give out any spoilers. I was surprised with the ending although other things in the book where predictable. The real theme of the book is revealed at the end and I was very surprised. I never thought that (judging by cover) this book would go on a very dedicated topic that is very current and important now day.

Leo is the protagonist of this story, we go inside her head the whole book and inside her heart. I was annoyed at first by her personality, she seemed like a very unstable girl, insecure, she wanted something then not, that sort of thing. But after you know what happened to her, everything makes sense. Leo is keeping a secret to her family and even to herself, as she doesn’t want to admit it or think about it, and when she can finally let it out she is able to forgive and move on. She can acknowledge how great she is and appreciate her value.

This story is set in Las Vegas and California, since I’ve been in both place, I enjoyed that I could imagine the places as if I was there using my memory. Its was fun to go back to Las Vegas in my head but seeing Leo, Max and Paris there.

I have mixed feelings over this book. I liked it, but I found things that were predictable. And I enjoyed the things that where predictable because then the story would have been too perfect and I don’t like that. I don’t like when people in books meet by accident and suddenly everything works out and all that. This book might seem to but no.

The love story was great, I loved how Max and Leo with their past and secrets could get along so well.

**An eARC of this title was provided by the publisher via Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review. However, that did not influence this review in any way. All thoughts, quotes, and opinions will be of this version and not of the published edition.**

DRC Book Review: My Best Everything by Sarah Tomp

A coming-of-age story about fate and fixing wrong choices. My Best Everything is a moving story that will take you on a spin about falling in love, finding yourself and following your heart.

Release date: March 3rd,2015

“You say it was all meant to be. You and me. The way we met. Our secrets in the woods. Even the way it all exploded. It was simply a matter of fate.”

In the summer after graduating from high school Lulu’s plan is going to college in California, away from her small boring town in Dale, Virginia. After her father lost the money that was supposed to be for her college Lulu find an illegal way to obtain the money back by producing moonshine. With the help of her friends and former moonshine seller, Mason, Lulu’s summer turns into the summer that changed her life and the way she will think about her future.

The book is written in second person past. She is retelling the story to Mason, but we don’t know what happened to them until the end.  We don’t know if this is an apology, a love letter or a goodbye. But she begins warning us that she’s telling the story again to understand why everything happened as they happened and why she made the choice she made at the end. At some point you feel that everything is going to fall down and crash, several times I had to stop reading because I was sure that something pretty bad was going to happen. I can’t tell you if it did or not.

I loved this book specially for the conclusion and ending. While reading it I had no idea where the story was going to go because I had so many theories in my head. Lulu thought her future was all settled and planned, but life gave her a hard time to fix everything in order. Her character is very tough, sure of what she wants, she’s a fighter, she doesn’t give up. Even when she wanted to do something, her nature didn’t let her. She focus on what she wants and goes for it. Lulu’s best friend, Roni, also know what she wants in life and in that summer her life and dreams change too. Sometimes we want something, or have an idea of what we want and life propose something new. It’s our choice to decide which road to take. To either follow our head or our heart. There’s so much to learn from this book.

Mason is the love interest of Lulu and to whom this story is narrated. The chemistry between Mason and Lulu sparks out since the first chapter. I love how she described the first time she saw him, that got me into the book instantly.

I am sure you will find something good out of this reading. It’s one of those books that makes you think and reflect about life, fate and meant-to-bes.

“Think about each possibility. Roll it around in your head, let your mind play awhile. See how each one makes you feel.”

****ARC provided by the publisher via Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review.Thank you.****