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Book Review: Crooked Kingdom (Six of Crows #2) by Leigh Bardugo

I will never forget this series.

Last year, I read an ARC of a very anticipated book about six outcast and one impossible heist and I fell in love with it. Not only fell in love with the story, I fell in love with the characters, world, author, everything. It changed my life. I became a huge fan of Leigh Bardugo, I even had the chance to meet her in BEA. I went crazy buy all the Six of Crows fanarts, jewelry, everything! I went a little obsessed with it. My favorite character is Inej, and my friends are very concern about it and they gift me arrow related stuff because of that “the heart is an arrow” quote. After waiting over a year, the second and final story (for now) from the Grishaverse and ending of Six of Crows came out. My obsession returned and I am more than happy to know this series was not a waste of time and money.

I will never be over Crooked Kingdom. I didn’t wanted to finish it but at the same time I wanted to know what was going to happen with my favorite characters. I have to admit that I wasn’t 100% satisfied with the ending because I wanted more, but I guess I’m going to daydream about things that weren’t shown but implied for the rest of my life. Since I don’t want to spoil anything, there’s a big thing that happened that I will never be over it neither my friends. As Leigh said once, not all the ships are going to sail.

Some character developments were excellent, some I wanted more and more.

Overall, Crooked Kingdom is full of surprises, cleverness, tears, feels, everything you can expect from Leigh Bardugo but in a higher level. I loved it so much!!!!!

Reading this book made me reaffirm my love for Inej. She’s one of my favorite characters ever. My role model, my inspiration and I want to be her. My friends already call me Inej it makes me so happy you have no idea. Every time Inej was in the scene I absorbed her highlighted all her movements. I can’t explain my love for her.

If you haven’t read this series, YOU MUST!!!!!! NOW.

Book ARC Review: Six Of Crows by Leigh Bardugo

A thousand stars for this book!

*praises beautiful cover*

Release date: September 29th, 2015

I am beyond excited for the chance to read this book in advance. Now, I can fangirl in secret about this book until it comes out. I can’t wait for you all to read it and experience this story. This is my first visit to the Grishaverse. I am on of the few who read this before reading Shadow And Bone. So, this is basically the first Leigh Bardugo book I read. And I can’t wait to read the Grisha trilogy.

The thing I loved more about this book were the characters. When I read a book, I look forward to connect with the characters and if I can’t connect with them I really don’t care about the story. I want them to exist in real life. We have six main characters but the central focus is on Kaz (OMG!!). The first character I connected with was Inej and I love her so much, she’s my new favorite female character and I want to be her. So my favorites are Kaz and Inej, but Nina is perfect too. And Matthias, Wylan and Jesper are amazing as well. Sincerely, I loved all the characters and this was a fact that drew me more into the story and I couldn’t stop reading. I was sad to finish the book because now I’m going to miss them until the next book comes out.

I loved how the story was developed and how it was surprising me every time. Another thing, the romance. This book is not a love book, though yeah, it has “romantic” parts. I can’t talk about this a lot, but yes, there’s romance and in the way I like, the I love you but I’m not going to tell you because I’m full of pride. I mean, I wanted more but this was enough for me for this kind of book.

I can’t wait for you all to meet this perfect squad.

Still not sure you want to read it? Check out Brittany’s review here. She’s the one who hooked me with Leigh Bardugo and thanks to her I could let all my fangirling out.