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Empire Of Storms (Throne Of Glass #5) by Sarah J. Maas

It’s hard to do this review without spoilers or mild spoilers. I won’t say any direct spoiler but it might seem to. Read at your own risk.


What can I say?!! THIS BOOK WAS PERFECT AND BEYOND PERFECT ! I don’t want to read anything else until the last book.

  1. Elide Lochan is officially my favorite character in this series! I love her so much and you can’t understand until YOU read this book.
  2. Lorcan!!! LORCAN LOVE OF MY LIFE. Okay, yeah, he’s kind of an asshole, but in Queen Of Shadows he hated Rowan and Aelin like I was in that book so I related a lot him now. Well, be aware that he will be your new book boyfriend. Nah, don’t think about it he’s mine.
  3. There’s a new ship. A NEW SHIP I AM OBSESSED WITH.
  4. Manon! YAAAS! Manon is perfection.
  5. My biggest ship in Queen Of Shadows is sailing and it’s amazing! So happy!!
  6. There’s a Dorian scene I die. Yes! My baby is a big man now.
  7. Rowan. My friends were so happy when I finally said, “I LOVE ROWAN!” I can’t explain much why I love him now, but in this book we can see Rowan working things by himself and not being behind Aelin all the time. And well, some other stuff that happened. I totally ship Rowaelin.
  8. Revelations! There’s so many revelations what will twist things and make this story take another level.

The ending broke me in million pieces. It’s a mix of good and bad things, hope and despair. I can’t explain it. You have to read it, specially with the music Sarah J. Maas recommended for the ending. This book changed me. I thought I was losing my love for this series but this book took me back on track.

I’m still on book hangover, searching highlighted passages, and rereading my favorite scenes.

After I finished, I read Chaol’s short story that comes in the WHSmith edition. They’re currently out of stock and impossible to get anywhere outside US, so I suggest you find it online, like I did. This story completed me. It was something I knew I need, first because Chaol is my #1 favorite character and second because here he explained why he could never be with Aelin. I will always secretly ship Chaoleana in my heart, but I’m okay they never ended up together and I’m so happy he found Nesryn Faliq because she’s perfect for him.

I want to give a BIG thanks to my friend and carranam Michelle! We did a read along, celebrating this book and our one year friendship. We were there for each other reading and suffering and shipping at the same time.


And yes! We were in the cover reveal and we met Sarah J. Maas together twice. ūüėÄ

The Ultimate Guide On How To Get Ready For Queen Of Shadows

Throne Of Glass fans! Queen Of Shadows book release is just around the corner!

Here’s your guide on how to get ready for Queen Of Shadows. We are all very excited to read this book and we have theories, we are nervous, we can’t control our emotions!!


“*insert all the OMGs you want here* I’m going to read Queen Of Shadows!”¬†The hype is real! The book is finally coming!! Aelin¬†and Co. are back !!¬†

2. Get tissues.

Tissues ready? No? Well, we’ll need them so, go and buy some. We are probably going to cry, A LOT. We may need a towel instead.

3. Stock up on chocolates.

S T O P.

No chocolate cakes, this will worsen the FEELS.

4. Drink all the necessary coffee.

You need to stay awake all the hours you need to finish this 600+ pages baby.


5. Stay away from social media.

Be safe from spoilers!

Tumblr, Twitter and Goodreads are not safe places. My plan is to post updates and non-spoilery reactions. I won’t check the time line.¬†

6. Forget about spoilers, theories, and dive into the book and Enjoy! 

Dive in with the mind in blank. We all read theories and possible spoilers but at the end, we don’t know if that people are being serious. Maybe they are joking or misunderstanding.¬†

We all know that no matter what happens, we are going to love this book because we love Celaena and we love Sarah J. Maas! 

Happy Reading!!

“I will not be afraid.”

PS. I am going to cry like a baby, I admit it. I AM READY!

Book Review: Heir Of Fire by Sarah J. Maas (Throne Of Glass #3)

You know there are books that changes you? That makes you become fearless, to fight for your dreams, to become a better person. This is how I feel with I read Throne Of Glass series. I haven’t felt like this in a long while with a book series, since I read Shatter Me. I am in love with this series, though is breaking my heart I can feel again what I haven’t felt for a book in a while. This series stole my heart.

Now we know Celaena’s true identity. She must decide between facing her destiny and restore her land or be a coward and fight for her own freedom.

  • This book felt like a slow knife stabbing my heart. Celaena’s heart is broken. She has faced so many things in her life, she can’t believe anything happening to her. Reading her suffering broke my heart every time.
  • Rowan. Rowan… I still have mixed feelings about him. Most times I didn’t liked him, sometimes I did. He’s vital to Celaena’s character development but, it bothered me sometimes. He was taming Celaena and I missed her being a selfish badass.
  • The ending of this book is epic, painful, hopeful…EVERYTHING. Just when you thought some characters where fine… NOPE.
  • Chaol. My Chaol. He’s my favorite. I love his character so much I can’t even start. I was so scared for him but at the end he finally got his head in place. I can’t wait for the epic moment in Queen Of Shadows to come.
  • I know what to expect from Queen Of Shadows. The love stories are over. I know my ship won’t sail. Celaena is a whole new person now. And she has moved on.

This is all I can say about this book without giving any spoiler. All I can say before I start crying again. The book hangover is huge. I don’t know if I’ll be able to read something else. This series is my favorite!

I have to admit that Sarah J. Maas just changed my life. As a an aspiring author, she inspired me to excel in my stories and be more passionate about what I want to write. There are no limits in giving your story everything you always dreams.

Book Review: Crown Of Midnight by Sarah J. Maas (Throne Of Glass #2)

I never expected to love this series this much.

Crown Of Midnight is the second book in the Throne Of Glass series. I loved the first book, and as much as I tried to read something before this one, I couldn’t wait. And WOW, this one was such a ride. I never thought I was going to love a series this much again.

In this book I fell in love more with the world building, I am sure Maas is a fan of The Lord Of The Rings because the world in this book reminds me a little of Middle-Earth. I have to admit that this is my favorite book world after Middle-Earth and Narnia, and I can’t wait to know other cities and countries in it.

The characters! I love Celaena. I love Chaol. And this book is the CHAOLAENA book. Feelings are much stronger in this book and something happens that might break everything, but I know it doesn’t truly.

The first half is perfection. The second half of the book, is heartbreaking but still perfect. In this book we go deeper into Celaena’s past and a big revelation happens by the end. I must admit that Celaena goes a bit dark and I was very scared of the¬†assassin inside her. Celaena is unstoppable. If you mess up with her, you are done forever.

Overall, this book is an amazing sequel for an amazing series. I have no way to put my feels into words because this book is everything. This review is very lame for this amazing book. I haven’t slept because of it. It is amazing. And this series is my new favorite and I am obsessed.


Book Review: A Court Of Thorns And Roses by Sarah J. Maas 

With all the hype this book brought when it came out I got curious about it and I added it to my Wish List. I never read anything from Sarah J. Maas before but I read great things about the Throne Of Glass series. And finally, my friend who went to NYC, got me a signed copy from Books Of Wonder.

A fellow blogger, Josie Knight from Josie’s Book Corner, hosted a June Read Along featuring this book. I wanted to join so I started reading this book as soon as I got it in my hands.

A Court Of Thorns And Roses is a retelling of one of my favorites love stories ever, The Beauty and The Beast, I never read retelling that I remember, so this was a good chance to read one finally. I loved it! It does it justice to the original with all the twists and this new world created by Maas. You know the story, you know how it ends and it still surprises you. It has the feeling of reading a fairy tale but more complex.This was the kind of love story I like to read, where the characters have to fight for love and where good things are not easy get.

The book started very low, for me. Because all the hype I read about this book I was expecting a lot more. That “lot more” started half way in the book and after it I couldn’t stop. Then I understood why people love this book so much. The first half was introductory, getting to know the characters well, and when you learn secrets and things begin to connect, there’s no way to put this book down. I loved the characters so much. I wanted to get them out of the book to real life. Tamlin is like an elf from Lord Of The Rings and I loved him and Feyre too!

This book felt like a childhood dream book come true. The ending is spectacular, I loved it ! Wow! I can’t believe I loved this book so much! It reminded me of the power of love and how it can truly conquers all. Though I might seem cold hearted and a hater, inside, I am a hopeless romantic. This book is perfection!
This book is supposed to be erotic and seductive, well in my opinion, I didn’t read anything i haven’t read before in YA Lit. So to go safe, let’s consider it “Mature YA”. Grade 11 – up.
I totally recommend this book to everyone who enjoy retellings and love happy endings.

What’s left to say? I am in love with this book.