Paris, my moveable feast (BLOG SERIES P.1)

Since I have use of reason, I always dreamed of going to Paris, France. It was my first dream destination. I always knew I was going someday, and I saved money for it. And every year I planned and looked for trip, or planned of going by myself, but before anything else in my life, I needed to visit Paris. Finally, I found my special chance when I went back to college.

I found ta course that studies American Writers in Paris. The course required a trip to Paris and read some writings from Hemingway, Fitzgerald, Ginsberg, Baldwin. Two things, I want to go Paris and I want to be a writer so reading and traveling is good for me. I took money from my saving account, money that I been saving for Europe, and enlisted myself on this.

The trip, more than a trip was a challenge. I dislike being in groups of people, I prefer doing things by myself, but this experienced challenged me since I was going with a group of 14 humans to the city of my dreams and I barely knew them.  But sometimes, when we wait for things to come to us, they arrive in the most magical way and life surprises us. The moment I got on the first plane for the connection to NY I knew that those people were the right people. I was glad that the universe chose them to share with me this dream and this unforgettable experience. I connected with them the instant I talked with them. We all share one thought, “We will have the best trip of our lives”. Though I was one of the oldest of the group they made me feel young and new, they cheered me up and made me enjoy this trip so much.

One of my biggest fear of this trip was the 7 hour flight over the Atlantic. For some strange reason, I was very scared. The aircraft used in that flight was very uncomfortable and that helped me forget I was flying to the Old World. I tried my best to sleep and I did but I woke up every 30 minutes because my legs had no space to rest.

I arrived to Paris very early in the morning. It was still dark and I was beaming like a star of happiness. My feet were in Paris, France, at the Charles De Gaulle airport. That was one of the happiest moments of my life. And at the moment I stepped out the airport and breathed the French air, I knew that I was living a dream.

I saw the sun rising up, waking up the city. All my weariness faded with the sun light. I loved Paris since I step on it. I couldn’t wait to explore it. Our first bus stop was the most important of all, the one that authenticates this place and this moment. In the light of the sunrise, the iconic and beloved Eiffel Tower stood in front of me.  My eyes couldn’t believe I was really seeing it. I was in Paris, and in front of me was the piece of metal that I dreamed of seeing with my own eyes. “It’s real !” , I thought. My heart was full. I was far away from home, I was 5 hours ahead of the rest of the people I know in America, and I was living my dream.

To be continued….


Next Stop: Paris

Since I was a little girl my dream trip was to visit the wonderful city of Paris. I became obsessed with the French Revolution. I learned about the history, then I learned some french, looked for pictures, got a lot of Eiffel Tower things, always dreaming of Paris. Finally, this dream is coming true.

I have a lot of mixed feelings, I am anxious, I don’t know what to expect from Paris, I will be very away from home, but it’s my dream and I also feel excited.

This will be a new adventure and challege for me. It’s the first time I ever travel with a group. I’m used to travel alone or with my family, never with friends. And these friends are new friends I met a month ago. I’m a little anxious because of how I’ll react to all of this situation. I’m an anxious person and this new experience is a chance to prove that I can do things by my own and to overcome my anxieties. 

I’ll be having a blog series of the trip with photos.   

Grand Canyon, the ravens and the road.

For writing reasons, first of all, I decided one day that I wanted to visit the Grand Canyon. Writing a story set in the West side of the USA and also writing a story about making a choice in the Grand Canyon, going there was a must. And also, I knew that ravens lived there and it was my dream to see one in real life. Ravens are my inspiration for writing a novel I been working on years and years ago. During that time I been learning a lot about them and grew fond of them.

We drove all the way from Las Vegas to Grand Canyon. It was a long road, full of scenery all new for me. I live in a tropical island, desert, rocks, tree-less mountains are totally new to me. On the road, I took a lot of pictures and inspiration for writing. I loved every view. Since the time I went to LA, I was amazed by the west side of USA. The mountains, the valleys, the civilization inside the desert. So different from what I am used to.



Right in the middle of nowhere, actually close to a gas station, we found a gift shop. It was really cute, full of handmade stuff by natives, fair prices and clean bathrooms. The photo below is one of the decoration that was outside the shop.


And this is what the Grand Canyon looks like. It’s real, although it looks like a paint in real life. The National Park is really nice. Price is $25 per car, pass last 7 days. The Park has places to stay inside, or you can stay camping. There are free shuttles that takes you to different spots. The weather was amazing, perfect for me and perfect for that day. I loved the place so much.  I really wish to go back and stay few days because there’s a lot do. My visit was short, but everything I saw was beautiful.


The best part of the whole trip was this: I saw a RAVEN ! Yeysss! They are big, shinny, beautiful. The sound they do is music to my ears. I saw lots of ravens but I only had the chance to take few photos of them.



Some extra photos for you:







Las Vegas Day 2

The second day in Las Vegas started off with: The Beatles and Starbucks. After visiting Treasure Island Hotel (a.k.a. the CASINO island, for me), I walked to the nearest Starbucks and grabbed a coffee. The weather was perfect for coffee, because it was a bit chilly but not as chill that you have to wear a coat. The warm of coffee and walking to the next hotel was a great experience. Actually, coffee can make any experience better. I don’t remember what time it was but the sun light was perfect. I say it again, the West is amazing.





( I got tickets for the Cirque Du Soleil “LOVE”, yes, The Beatles tribute show! )


Okay, then we visited the iconic “Welcome to fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada” vintage sign. It was so cool because it’s vintage and it’s been there since the beginning of Las Vegas. The best part is that if you see the sign from the front you see the hotels and stuff. If you look the other way, there’s a highway and you see the mountains and the road. It was amazing. I wanted to drive away and explore far away from that. (You can tell and I’m in love with the west.) Next, it was time to continue the tour throughout the hotels.


MGM Grand Hotel is really GRAND! I mean, it was really luxurious and beautiful. There’s where most of the boxing fights takes place and you can tell for some of the decoration and souvenirs. I was really impress with this one. When you go outside to the street side you can cross a brigde that gets you to the New York, New York hotel. I just walked by because the only great thing I saw was the outside. There’s a super huge roller coaster and the mini Statue Of Liberty. Following that it’s the Excalibur Hotel. Greatly gorgeous outside, though it was also inside but the casinos and the smell of cigarettes ruined it. When, you keep walking you get inside the Luxor Hotel. this is the Egyptian inspired one. The lobby was immense. The center is the inside of a pyramid, very impressive, besides that nothing really wow.  That was generally what I saw in the hotels and my experience. Not much.

At night, I visited Fremont Street. It’s in the same Las Vegas Ave. but it’s far from the hotel areas, is where you can find most of the small chapels and other weird places. The area is really strange and so was the Fremont St.. The moment I got in I wanted to leave. I felt secure but at the same time I felt like I was in a dirty place. I don’t know, it was weird. Maybe, too loud for me.

Last thing? The Bellagio water show! You can’t go to Las Vegas and don’t see at least once, the water show. They played a song from The Beatles! “Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds” and the show was pretty fun and great. It was worth it.



Here’s some extra photos:







Next post is everything about GRAND CANYON!

Las Vegas Day 1

The day I woke up to the wonderful view of the desert mountains of Nevada, it was a cold morning destined to explore the “Fabulous” Vegas for the first time. Because of jet lag I woke up very early since my home time was 4 hours ahead. I was fascinated with the view of the great city and the sight of mountains behind. I love visiting the west side of the USA. It’s so different from what I am used to and brings me the feeling of something new and something hopeful.

I was staying at the Hard Rock Hotel, with after the smell of smoke, it was really nice. After a waffle breakfast in Ihop we drove to the famous Las Vegas Strip. The first hotel we visited was The Bellagio. The lobby was really cool, an interior garden full of color and trees with faces, but that was it. The hotels are basically casinos with rooms. They all smell like smoke and it was driving me crazy. Then Paris Hotel was small and boring.


The Caesar’s Palace looked very promising from the outside. When I went in it was really boring. A casino and the prize for the winner of the book Endgame.

The Venetian so far is my favorite. There’s a lot to see. The casino is underground so its not the first thing you see when you get in., it’s optional if you want to go and play.There I got to eat cannolis again in Carlo’s Bakery. The service was really good and the cannolis where delicious.



After that, I visited a very sophisticated and huge mall called, The Forum Shop. It connects to the Caesar’s Palace and its very beautiful. It has H&M so of course I had to go and buy some clothes.


Late and last thing of the day, I visited The Mirage Hotel. I grabbed a hot chocolate from Starbucks. While we walked inside the hotel we found one side decorated and dedicated to my favorite band ever, The Beatles. There’s the theater for the Cirque Du Soliel show dedicated to them. I was very excited and happy for this. Finally I found a place for me here because for the rest, I really don’t care.



This was how it went my first day in Vegas.

Here some extra photos I want to share with you:



IMG_5233.JPGEating dinner at In-N-Out ! We missed this place.




Traveling Day.

I’m traveling to Las Vegas, Nevada for the first time. I have no idea what to expect there except, the luxurious hotels and night lights. All I really want to do is eat cannolis and go to Grand Canyon. I will finally be able to post more stuff in my “Travel” tab so, I hope you enjoy my traveling posts and that you can enjoy this trip with me from the internet. I will try my best to share pictures and experiences.

Here’s a message from Miami Airport while I wait for the next flight:


Phantom on Broadway!!



Last month I had the super chance to go to a Broadway theater for the first time. Because it was the first and I was going to pay from my own money, I decided to see Phantom Of The Opera. I’ve seen the movie, I read the book, I know the songs, I love the story so this was like a dream come true for me. The Phantom was played by the amazing Hugh Panaro, he’s such a great actor and his performance blew my mind. I loved every minute of this experience since I set on my feet inside the theater until I left. This was on my “Dreams wish list” so, one dream came true that day.


Weekend 8-10

I been kind of lost lately, but I went to the southern coast of PR for a short vacation. Here I share some photos, I know you always enjoy.




All photos taken by me with the Hipstamatic App.





PS: Thanks to all my followers! I feel honored to have people following my blog, I hope you keep enjoying it.

In dream-land

Los Angeles has been amazing so far. Guess what? I met my favorite singer, my inspiration and role model Christina Perri. It was so random and so perfect and so amazing that i have no words to describe what i feel inside.

This city, in the short time I been here, has changed me so much. I feel like I have found myself and I feel like anything is possible if you walk an extra mile even if it hurts. I feel more myself here… I dont want to leave.




Night travel.

Hi! I’m at the airport now waiting for the first plane to LAX. Still feels like a dream and will still until I get there. I remember since a episode of my favorite series LOST named “LAX” I officially said, “I have to go there” . It took me years but finally its time to take a visit to Hollywood, the place where all my favorite people lives and belong. I want to belong there too, I am going to see what its like to be there. Cant wait! I will try to keep this blog as a diary, hope you can read it and enjoy it.