#BroodyBFF – How I met Broody…

This post is part of my participation as a #BroodyBFF , street team for the upcoming book Brooding YA Hero’s Guide to Achieving Main Character Status by Carrie Ann DiRisio. (Which I am so excited to read.)

I wrote about Broody even before I met him. In my dreams, he was always there with his broad chest, messy hair and red shirt and looking straight to my eyes always. Never I thought that he would become real, because Broody will only like pretty girls and I am not pretty.

One day exploring the wild Twitter, I found him. 

My whole world shifted. I explored more about him and it felt like we’ve met before. I couldn’t stop smiling, he was a dream come true. The man of my dreams. The one who would save me with sweat but smelling great. The one with a dark past and secrets he will never tell until finds a benefit from it. The guy who will love me because I am the main character of my story.

Broody changed my life.

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