ARC Review: Gemina by Jay Kristoff and Amie Kaufman



You all know how passionate I am about Illuminae. It is still is my best read this year, and one book I’ll never forget. At BEA,I was one of the lucky first people to grab an Advance Readers Copy of Gemina, and I meet Jay Kristoff and it was the most perfect day of the year. I read Gemina and now I’m begging for book 3. I really need it. But Gemina was not all what I expected it to be.

The whole book is a big WTF. I’m still confused. This book is more action packed with more space and science terms I’m really not good at understanding. Science is definitely not my area of expertise. I still don’t know how many things happened even though they are explained. It has more video footage than anything else, so it has a lot of narrated parts. I cannot talk about the main plot of the book because it’s a huge spoiler, but it was confusing and although it was very well explained I was still confused after, but this is my fault. The romance was a bit rushed. I didn’t shipped the “ship”, and my ship sank very fast, as usual. After page 505 is when things get lot crazier and more WTF than ever and you’ll definitely won’t be able to stop from there on.

Gemina’s main characters are not the same as in Illuminae. I adored the characters from the first book and I never could quite love the new characters. I missed the old ones so much and I was begging for them to come up again, as promised by the authors. They do show up! And the made the story so much better, because they are perfect. I really didn’t care if the characters lived or die. I don’t know if that’s a bad thing. Kady and Ezra are the top of my world and I think I’m being extra loyal to them. And one special character who I adore is back. The main characters of Gemina aren’t bad, but they didn’t grabbed me as the ones in the first book. That’s what I’m trying to say.

Anyways, the ending got me begging for book 3. It’s not a cliffhanger, but the curiosity and brilliance is too big to resist. I can’t wait for the Illuminae Files 3! I really really can’t.

Jay Kristoff (god) and Amie Kaufman are geniuses !!!! My brain will never reach their brilliance. Not even close.

I got to see the finished copy already and the sketches by Marie Lu are brilliant and they totally help the story and they will make you love the new characters even more. TRUST ME!! I SAW THEM!



with the MASTER of everything, Jay Kristoff.


GEMINA in my hands!

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