Hello 26!

When you think about it, life is weird. From 365 days of the year and millions of years I was decided to born on the 4th of July of 1990 a.C., and I have managed to survive for 26 years in this crazy small planet called Earth. It feels surreal.

My 25th year on Earth was crazy. Lots of ups and downs. I gained lots of friends and lost others. Life’s like this. I learned so much about life. 25 was like a new start for me in so many ways.

The struggle of being myself, hasn’t change, it keeps transforming. Being myself has brought good and bad things and I think that’s okay. Not every body has to like me all the time, I wish they did, but I have to carry on. I can’t be who I’m not to please the others. I can’t do it anymore.

When it comes to books, I can’t complain. I read more new favorite books at 25. I read Harry Potter for the first time, and I don’t regret it. I am in love with those books. Also I read new favorite book series like Throne Of Glass, Shadow And Bone and Six Of Crows, and A Darker Shade Of Magic. Beside books, I met new authors in person and online. This little dream I have of writing a book feels more real every time I meet an author. The bookish part of my life keeps getting better.

I still don’t have a BA. No kids, not married, not WIP finished. Nothing. I am still a fangirl, and a dream of big dreams. Sometimes it’s frustrating to think that I am not what society and family has expected me to be… but just you wait. I’m not planning to follow it, but I want and will defy expectations.

Now that I am entering into the late twenties I want to still feel young and I want to write about youth and be a fangirl forever and ever.I want to act like a teenager when is needed and don’t regret it.I want to dance and sing Hamilton like there’s no tomorrow and not be ashamed of it. I want to be myself and keep following my dream, so the moon, the stars and the universe help me.


  1. Happy Birthday Melanie! It has been a pleasure to stumble across your blog and read your enlightening reviews. Don’t feel small because you might not have made it big as yet. For, time is yet to come and I am sure, you’ll find your true place.
    Funny how life changes every second and every year as it passes by, leaves behind so many changes. I wonder how we pull through everything 😐
    Enjoy your Big Day!

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