Book Review: A Court Of Mist And Fury by Sarah J. Maas


Of course, I was one of those few who finished A Court Of Thorns And Roses begging for the sequel to see Rhysand again. When ACOMAF came out, I bought the Kindle version to start it right off on release day. I couldn’t make it that fast. BEA trip was around the corner and I got involved in working and preparing for the trip. Well, in Chicago…guess what?! I got the chance to meet Sarah J. Maas, twice! The second one in a book signing in Anderson’s Book Store in Naperville, IL. Of course, I couldn’t meet Queen Maas without the person  who’s been there to support and understand my feelings towards Maas’s books, Michelle. Sarah means a lot to us, she’s the reason we became friends and we had to meet her, together. While we waited for our turn in the signing, Michelle wrote little notes inside the book with her reactions. I was so fun to read them while I read it. It made book a different experience.


I have so many mixed feeling for this book, I don’t know where to start. Sometimes I hated it, sometimes I loved it, sometimes it bored me, sometimes I couldn’t stop reading. So many things. I tried to hate Sarah J. Maas but I couldn’t. I never can. Her writing is spectacular and it always inspire me to write. Couple of times, I had to stop reading and grab my writing notebook and write a lot. I love when books do that to me, and Sarah J. Maas’ books always do it.

Before reading this book, it was obvious what was going to happen and I even read a spoiler before starting. This pissed me off a bit. I love surprises when I read, and knowing spoilers from a book I am dying to read, turns me down. Besides that, I was mad at things that happened in the book that I wasn’t expecting to happen and they pissed me off too.  But even that can never let me hate Maas book. I can never hate her books as much as I want. The characters and new places in this one, are all amazing! I dream about being inside that beautiful world. It’s so clear of how much of a fan is Sarah to Lord Of The Rings. Things that I was waiting to happen, happened and it was amazing. Now everyone can join my ship and sail to the end of the world. (Is this how you all felt with Queen Of Shadows?)

I can go a whole day talking about my love and hate relationship with this book. Since I don’t want to go on spoilers I’ll stop here. A Court Of Mist And Fury is a dream of a book. Sarah J. Maas is the High Lady of storytelling. This book will hit every bit of your soul and body, it’s a feast of beauty, sexiness and power.

*This book is for mature audiences.*



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