Reading Harry Potter series for the time.



One of my 2016 resolutions, was to read the Harry Potter series. No one believed that after all this time, and knowing how much I love to read and join fandoms, I haven’t read Harry Potter or watched any of its movies. The reason why I never read them when I was young, was because they had magic and you know, magic is from the devil . (*eyes rolls*) Even though I was allowed to read The Da Vinci Code and Lord Of The Rings, Harry Potter was always despised. I wasn’t even taken to watch the films! Then I decided not to because I wanted to do the right thing and read the books first.

Everyone was recommending these books to me, friends, authors, random people, the Wizarding world was calling me long time ago.  Now as a full growth adult I decided to read them, and even at 25 I was told, “Are you going to read THAT?”. Well, yes I read them. Finally! And watched the movies! I am not a Muggle anymore!

I had no expectations when I started them. I barely knew any spoilers ( was careful to not know them and succeed in most parts and character deaths) so I went in 90% blank. It was the best thing!

The first two books were great, but the ending in Prisoner of Azkaban was the one that officially made me fall in love with this series. There I met, Sirius Black, and he changed everything for me. And I ugly cried so much at the ending. The Goblet Of Fire, is the book I say is the one that made me completely fall for this series. It gets more intense and this is where I actually believe that this book is more than a kids book. This book the story gets more intense and the character development is blooming. I knew nothing of what happened in this one and everything was very shocking for me.

Surprisingly, even though The Order Of The Phoenix is so tragic for me, it’s one of my favorites. Harry Potter’s character development is so amazing that he turned into one of my favorite characters in the series. Half-Blood Prince was perfect. And Deathly Hallows, WOOOOWW! 10 stars great/sobbing worthy/swoon worthy/wtfisthis/everything is horribly perfect book.

This post doesn’t totally express how I feel about this series, it’s really hard to put it on words. Reading Harry Potter felt like discovering a world I always knew I would belong in. I never doubted the amazingness of this series and now I understand why. Harry Potter is more than books, it’s an experience every one must have. I don’t regret reading them so late in life. It’s never late to start ready Harry Potter for the first time right? But I feel so small joining this fandom that’s so big and famous. I want to keep this story to myself, save it in my heart. Harry Potter is part of my life now, or let’s say Harry Potter is my Horcrux.

My life is complete!

I ended in a massive book hangover. I seriously don’t want to read fantasy any more. I want to re-read this series over and over again. I totally feel that Harry Potter deserves a category for its own in the bookstores, I can’t place it anywhere. I strongly believe this series is for ALL ages.


Hogwarts house? I’m sorted in Gryffindor! I always thought I was Slythering, I wanted to be in that house for sure, Hogwarts wanted me in another house. I did all the quizzes I could find, before the Pottermore quiz was relaunched, and they all sorted me in Gryffindor. When the Pottermore quiz was up again, I did it thinking that this will be the official result. Gryffindor again! So after a few days in denial, I accepted it and now I am full proud Gryffindor and no one can change that now.

Favorite book? I can’t pick one, but it’s a tie between Prisoner Of Azkaban and Order Of The Phoenix. (This can change next week.)

Favorite characters? (so many!)I love them all but if I have to pick just a few, Sirius Black will always be my number 1. Harry Potter, Ginny Weasley, Voldemort, and Narcissa Malfoy.

Thank you to all the Harry Potter fans who pushed me into this series and were with me until the very end listening to my reactions and fangirling. I will continue with the fangirling, always.


  1. I’ve been reading ever since I could remember and still haven’t read a SINGLE Hary Potter book my whole life. xD I guess it’s the intimidating length, or the fact that I’ve already watched the movies for the -nth time already, but I have the last book on my shelf (my father bought the last book instead of the first one for me… I don’t even know why xD) so maybe I’ll try that one out sometime (though it’s been sitting there unread for, like, three years now). I’m happy to hear you liked the books though! Great post, Melanie!


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