Book Review: This Is Where It Ends by Marieke Nijkamp


I wanted to read this book after seeing so many authors talking about it on Twitter. And when my friend asked me for which I wanted from my wish list, I decided it was time to pick This Is Where It Ends. I started reading it right away, I needed a different book and this was one that filled that need.

This Is Where It Ends it’s the tale about a school shooting. The whole story happens in a hour, told in four different perspectives, diverse characters and full tension that won’t let you keep your eyes away from the book. This a very important read. Each character has it’s own story and relation to each other. I wish we could see and know more about them but the book is very into the point. Even though we get to know more about their pasts I felt like I needed more to feel connected to them.

I don’t blame you if you cry with this book. It’s heartbreaking, there’s a lot of blood and it’s very shocking. I couldn’t stop reading even when I wanted to because I was desperate to know what happens.

Overall, this is a great book! A must read if you are tired of reading love stories and happy endings. I can’t compare it to any book I’ve read so far because I’ve never read anything like it.

4/5 stars.


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