Best 10 Books Of 2015

The year is about to end in a few days. 2015 was full of amazing releases, something I wasn’t expecting. Some of the books that came out this year are now part of my permanent list of favorite books.

Making this list was so hard! So many books I loved and that touched my heart, making this year very emotional in my reading life. Here I picked the books that meant something for me in some way or another. Theses books are my top top favorites this year and each of these reads have a story that goes beyond the book.

I want to thank each author on this list. You are my inspiration to keep writing and my heroes.

Here (without specific order) are my Top 10 Best Books of 2015.

Best Books Of 2015-2

  • Six Of Crows by Leigh Bardugo: This was an instant favorite. This is the first book I read from this author and I turned into a full fan of her work. I am obsessed with this book and it’s characters and I happened to buy everything I’ve found about this book. Also, this book helped me to bond with other bloggers. I own 3 copies of this book. The ARC, the finished copy and a personalized signed book my bestie Brittany got me for Christmas, where it says that I’m Inej. Yeah, Inej is one of my favorites characters ever now.


  • A Court Of Thorns And Roses by Sarah J. Maas: This read was my come back to fantasy books. I was so scared that I wasnt going to liked it but I ADORE IT. I remember reading this book and punching it and screaming to the characters. It was such a beautiful story. I can’t wait for the next book ! RHYSAND! (Okay, now I’ll shut up.)


  • The Rose Society by Marie Lu: Marie Lu is one of my favorite authors. The way she writes always amazes me. This book is the sequel to The Young Elites and for me, this sequel was perfect. It was shocking, romantic and everything I was expecting it to be. And the ending! WOW! Reading about Adelina again helped to get more identified with her.


  • Simon Vs. The Homo Sapiens Agenda by Becky Albertalli: This is the first LGBT book I read and it was perfect! I am so glad I read this book. I laughed out loud a few times, it was such a cute book. This book will always be in my heart. Becky Albertalli is such a nice author. She sent me personalized signed swag and I was so happy.


  • Never Always Sometimes by Adi Alsaid: This book was so full of feels. I read the ARC and I had to get my finished copy because this book is amazing. Fun fact: I spent the whole morning I finished it crying and I spent my whole work shift feeling depressed. This book is so good!!


  • Fans Of The Impossible Life by Kate Scelsa: Kate is one of the few authors I became friends with this year. When I finished reading this book I emailed her, tweeted her and interviewed her. She emailed me back, tweeted me back and followed me on Twitter. This book will be forever in my heart. I loved the main characters and secondary characters. I still have a short story to write about Rose, my favorite character of this book.


  • Underneath Everything by Marcy Beller Paul: Yes!! This book is amazing and everyone must read it. This is one of those books that first of all, inspired me to keep reading and second, I found myself in it several times. This book made me think about my past and made me realize things I need to be over with. Right when I finished it, I emailed the author and she emailed back. It was one of the most nerve wrecking thing I’ve ever done but it was such a great experience.


  • Liars,Inc by Paula Stokes: This book has one of my favorite females characters ever, Parvati. Also, super cute guy, Max. I loved this book, I couldn’t keep it down. It’s one of the few thrillers I’ve ever read and I loved it. Paula is such a wonderful person and writer. 😀


  • Every Last Word by Tamara Ireland Stone: Like I said before, it was very hard to pick the 10 books of the year. I read a few books about mental illness and I wanted to put them all in the list since I identified myself in all of them but, Every Last Word is the winner. The main character is dealing with Pure-O, a type of OCD that deals with obsessive thoughts. This book is one of a kind and I will always keep it in my heart.


  • The Wrath And The Dawn by Reneé Adhieh: This retelling of A Thousand And One Nights stole my heart. I have a weak spot of love stories and this one is perfect. I can’t wait for the sequel.


Did you read any of these books?

Share in the comments your thoughts and your favorite 2015 releases.

I can’t wait for the books 2016 will bring!


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