Guest Post: Holiday Traditions

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Hey, bookworms!
I’m Claire, and I explore pensieves at Cover to Cover, my book review blog. Although my online writing typically highlights literature-related topics, today I’m going to share something a tad more personal.
My younger sister and I look forward to Christmas time every year. I was especially excited this time around because the holiday season guaranteed a break from school, which, while lessened by homework and studying for midterms, was my motivation for this December.
Aside from school struggles, I love the spirit and music surrounding the holiday season. Songs like ‘Winter Wonderland’ and ‘Frosty the Snowman’ along with other earworms quickly become stuck in my head.
Pinpointing one specific holiday tradition I favor over others proves a difficult task. Every year, I look forward to decorating our tree and baking cookies with my younger sister. The two activities are small gestures I sometimes underestimate but ultimately appreciate. I’m grateful for the time I am able to spend with my family during this time of year.
A few years ago, my mom instilled a new tradition in our family procedures. Annually, my sister and I are allowed to pick a new ornament each to add to our collection. We already possessed many ornaments, but the additions allowed us to choose a special symbol that resonated with us that year. For instance, one year I remembered a particularly enjoyable piano concert, I selected a glittery grand piano ornament; and another year I became interested in learning to edit short videos, I nabbed a camera ornament. This tradition has greatly expanded our ornament collection to encompass our interests in addition to the Christmas spirit.
Baking cookies, on the other hand, is a tradition that has remained constant for a longer time. My sister and I frequent chocolate chip treats, but my parents like to whip up more complicated cranberry and white chocolate cookies. Both are delicious but only experienced during this time.
Holiday traditions have significantly impacted my life for as long as I can remember. I look forward to decorating and baking, however simple, every year!
Thanks for having me, Melanie!
I can be reached on my blog, Twitter, Goodreads, or Instagram.

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