Beyond The Blog: What do you do when you aren’t blogging?


Guest Of The Month Club is a monthly feature created by Emily from Emily Reads Everything. When I signed up for this feature I was going to get paired with a blogger and do a guest blog on each other’s blog. This month I got Jaime from Books & Ladders. I am so glad I met her, she’s super nice and fun person to talk to.

Enjoy her post!


GUEST POST BY: Jaime from Books & Ladders

My Average, Mundane Life

                                  Im not going to lie, I am not a very interesting person. A lot of my life revolves around books so it was actually pretty hard to come up with something to talk about for this post. Outside of blogging and reading, one of the things that takes up the majority of my time are my two jobs. I work part time at a Tourist Information Kiosk giving people information about the city and surrounding area. Really, I mostly tell people where the bathroom is and participate in Twitter chats there. My other job is in Human Resources, which is what I went to school for. I work on Tuesday and Thursday at this job and love every second of it. I love getting to help people solve their problems and giving them the information that they need to successfully complete their job. It may sound hokey but I love helping people. I am an A+++ people pleaser so this job is a perfect fit for me.

I recently applied to grad school and was accepted, but deferred my acceptance until September. So in September, I will probably be back in school full time getting my Masters in Political Science. Im a huge politics nerd, especially when it comes to theory, and love to speculate about how politics will affect the future (which is why I read so much Science Fiction, especially dystopian novels). Everything from the structure of governments to what it means that we have a democracy (that isnt really a democracy, but thats a whole other story) interests the crap out of me. I have been to many the political rallies and love engaging in talking to people about their views and opinions on things going on around us.

Other than that, you can find me binge watching TV shows on Netflix or playing video games. I have a standing date night with my friends on Wednesday (Wine-o Wednesday) where we try new restaurants and catch up. I would say that 80% of my time is spent with a book though. I bring my ereader and a paperback with me EVERYWHERE. People know when Im having a bad day if I dont have a book with me. And if I am not readingsomething, I am listening to something on my commute. Books and stories interest me beyond belief.


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  1. I’m studying a Master in Neuroscience full-time so I can’t say reading is my job… but when I’m not reading I love dancing ballet (and I do jazz and hip-hop too but ballet is my favorite) and I also follow TV series Quantico and The Big Bang Theory and Sherlock but the last takes 2-3 years to release new seasons… geez!

    Laura @ psilovethatbook

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