Top Ten Tuesday: Ten Quotes I’ve Loved From Books I’ve Read So Far This Year

Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme created here at The Broke and the Bookish.

I love quotes. I am the type of person who highlight quotes in books and for this week’s theme I was very excited to share my favorite ones. I read so many great books this year and it was hard to pick just ten but here I go. Hope you enjoy!



  1. I’ll Give You The Sun and Six of Crows have so many quotable moments, it’s hard to pick one haha. Until now Lets Get Lost has general flown past my reading radar but after that quote I’m very intrigued by the book.

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    1. Read yours!! That scene in Ruin And Rising made me cry a lot, I love that series so much! That quote from Queen Of Shadows is the reason I liked the book (since my ship went down so badly). And Wrath And The Dawn is perfect.


  2. Nice list of quotes. Especially, the Leigh Bardugo ones, since I’ve been thinking of reading her work 😀 I wanted to start with Six of Crows but I’m wondering if I should start with her earlier works instead.


    1. I read Six Of Crows first and it has a few mild spoilers from the Grisha trilogy but nothing big. Then I read Grisha and I feel like I can understand better SOC now. It’s really up to you. I love all her work and I’m super obsessed with SoC now.

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  3. These are beautiful quotes! I love that out of all the TTT I’ve read this week, you’ve given some amazing, different ones that I haven’t seen before! And I love the different styles and fonts you used for all the different quotes, it looks lovely.
    Great post! 😊💕

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