(List) Book Review: Shadow And Bone (Grisha #1) by Leigh Bardugo

After reading Six Of Crows by Leigh Bardugo, being introduced to the Grisha world and being pushed by my Grisha adorable favorite Twitter friend Brittany, I couldn’t hold myself to read Shadow And Bone. Final verdict? I loved it!

Here’s my list of reasons:

  1. Alina is an amazing character and I could relate to her. She’s looking for where she belongs. She has a power but she’s afraid to show it. I’ve been struggling (I still do) with finding where I belong and like Alina, I been hiding so much in me and maybe accepting myself can help me to find me.

2.  Grisha! I really liked the concept of the Grishas and their powers. Also, each of them wearing a specific color and waring the kefta made me want to jump into that world. I want a kefta for myself, a black one. I loved Alina’s power and how it was projected and also the Darkling and her were incredible.

3.  THE DARKLING. I have a thing for men in black, bad guys, good hair, pale skin, and mysterious guys. He’s all in one. The Darkling is the villain but I couldn’t hate him. He’s such a good character,and whatever happens I’ll secretly love him always.

You and I are going to changethe world.

       4.   Although there’s romance in the book, in my opinion, romance is not the main thing. I can’t lean towards a specific ship because I think this story is more about Alina finding where she belongs and finding herself. When she finds that, she will be able to find who she wants. She’s in love with her childhood friend Mal, and he’s adorable!

5.  Leigh Bardugo creates amazing characters and her writing is magical.This book is one of those books that I know it will help me with my writing.

6.  BONUS POINT for the beautiful cover!

I hope these 5 reasons convince you to read Shadow And Bone series now ! I can’t wait to read the second book because people say is even more great!!

I did a read along with my other favorite Twitter friend,soul twin and carranam to whatever end, Michelle to read this book and we both loved it and we love the Darkling.


  1. Hey there! I just finished this trilogy and I’m happy you liked the first book 🙂 This book was my least favourite among the three, but only because the others were phenomenal. I liked Alina too even if she’s a bit moody and grumpy, but my favorite from this book is Genya. Anyway, I hope you enjoy the next one!


  2. I just finished this book as well! I am waiting for Ashley over at Dear World to finish her current book so that her and I can devour Siege and Storm 😀

    I really loved this book. I can’t believe it took me SO LONG to read. Sigh…I also agree with your Darkling comment. ::SWOOOONNNN::

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  3. I read Shadow and Bone a few years back, but never got around to read the sequels! But I really want to read this series all over again, especially since Six of Crows has left me wanting more!

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