The Ultimate Guide On How To Get Ready For Queen Of Shadows

Throne Of Glass fans! Queen Of Shadows book release is just around the corner!

Here’s your guide on how to get ready for Queen Of Shadows. We are all very excited to read this book and we have theories, we are nervous, we can’t control our emotions!!


“*insert all the OMGs you want here* I’m going to read Queen Of Shadows!” The hype is real! The book is finally coming!! Aelin and Co. are back !! 

2. Get tissues.

Tissues ready? No? Well, we’ll need them so, go and buy some. We are probably going to cry, A LOT. We may need a towel instead.

3. Stock up on chocolates.

S T O P.

No chocolate cakes, this will worsen the FEELS.

4. Drink all the necessary coffee.

You need to stay awake all the hours you need to finish this 600+ pages baby.


5. Stay away from social media.

Be safe from spoilers!

Tumblr, Twitter and Goodreads are not safe places. My plan is to post updates and non-spoilery reactions. I won’t check the time line. 

6. Forget about spoilers, theories, and dive into the book and Enjoy! 

Dive in with the mind in blank. We all read theories and possible spoilers but at the end, we don’t know if that people are being serious. Maybe they are joking or misunderstanding. 

We all know that no matter what happens, we are going to love this book because we love Celaena and we love Sarah J. Maas! 

Happy Reading!!

“I will not be afraid.”

PS. I am going to cry like a baby, I admit it. I AM READY!


  1. I just adored this post! 😍 It’s a perfect guide! 😆
    I am pretty sure I’m going to see this arrive in the mail and cry. Then I will open the front page and cry. Then I’ll proceed to read it and CRY.
    xoxo 😣💞

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  2. i’ve read so many theories and spoilers that im dreading it now lol. nonetheless i will still read it undaunted. im so happy i won a free copy of queen of shadows since my actual hardcover copy is still in us waiting for it to be signed by sarah j. maas <333 i just hope my faves dont get hurt so much.

    great post, mel! i will definitely start stocking up on coffee now because i will not sleep hahah


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  3. This is brilliant!!! I’m always like that when I read a spoiler – I just tell myself “oh, they probably just misunderstood or maybe they just made it up or something” haha! I don’t think I will be sleeping tomorrow night so I can read it all!


  4. Ahhahahaha! Everyone I know has been pressuring me to read Throne of Glass, but even though it’s on the TBR list, I’ve been kind of putting it off just because the sequel isn’t off yet. I’m terrible. I hate waiting for books to come out. I’m so behind the curve…but it’s so much less stressful than wondering what happens next 😄

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