Book Review: Heir Of Fire by Sarah J. Maas (Throne Of Glass #3)

You know there are books that changes you? That makes you become fearless, to fight for your dreams, to become a better person. This is how I feel with I read Throne Of Glass series. I haven’t felt like this in a long while with a book series, since I read Shatter Me. I am in love with this series, though is breaking my heart I can feel again what I haven’t felt for a book in a while. This series stole my heart.

Now we know Celaena’s true identity. She must decide between facing her destiny and restore her land or be a coward and fight for her own freedom.

  • This book felt like a slow knife stabbing my heart. Celaena’s heart is broken. She has faced so many things in her life, she can’t believe anything happening to her. Reading her suffering broke my heart every time.
  • Rowan. Rowan… I still have mixed feelings about him. Most times I didn’t liked him, sometimes I did. He’s vital to Celaena’s character development but, it bothered me sometimes. He was taming Celaena and I missed her being a selfish badass.
  • The ending of this book is epic, painful, hopeful…EVERYTHING. Just when you thought some characters where fine… NOPE.
  • Chaol. My Chaol. He’s my favorite. I love his character so much I can’t even start. I was so scared for him but at the end he finally got his head in place. I can’t wait for the epic moment in Queen Of Shadows to come.
  • I know what to expect from Queen Of Shadows. The love stories are over. I know my ship won’t sail. Celaena is a whole new person now. And she has moved on.

This is all I can say about this book without giving any spoiler. All I can say before I start crying again. The book hangover is huge. I don’t know if I’ll be able to read something else. This series is my favorite!

I have to admit that Sarah J. Maas just changed my life. As a an aspiring author, she inspired me to excel in my stories and be more passionate about what I want to write. There are no limits in giving your story everything you always dreams.


  1. I loved how much Maas strayed into high fantasy because you’re right, the love stories are over and I believe the series to be better for it. It’s what initial readers craved but it’s no longer needed because Celaena is a strong enough character solo as it is.


  2. Really? You feel that Chaolaena don’t have a chance anymore? I’m still rooting for them, especially since Chaol has changed how he views the supernatural as well. Maybe they have a chance? Maybe? Please God let them be together, haha! x

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    1. I feel it. She’s so changed, she let go of the ring and I don’t want to have high hopes. I will root for them always. Though, I can’t wait to see them reunited. Maybe when she see how changed he is all the feels come back. And she is the one who told him she’ll still pick him no matter what. Can you imagine King Chaol!?!

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      1. I know. Now that you mention it, I get why you think that. But- but- they HAVE to be together! They’re perfect for each other. And I know Chaol gets a lot of flack for doing what he did, but I feel like SJM put him through that so he could be more developed, and perhaps so readers would THINK he and Celaena didn’t have a chance? Or maybe I’m lame and just want them to be together? Haha!

        King Chaol! O.O That sounds weird, bahaha.

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  3. Chaolaena is totally over in my opinion too, but contrary to you I was actually happy about it, cuz #TeamDorian lol but I don’t think they’re going to just jump into a relationship either. They’re both on different paths now but they’ll find their way. I loved this book so much, and I loved the new characters. That scene with Rowan and Maeve at the end was flawless.


  4. AHH yes this is my favourite series of all time, it has changed my life too! I could re read this series over and over again until I die.
    Chaol and Celaena are bae. Chaol is bae. I need them to reunite in Queen of Shadows so, badly!
    I loved Rowan. His tough exterior just really attracted me! And can we just take a moment to talk about Aedion?! I really really like him and once again, Maas is making me fall for yet another male in this series! Ahhhhh.
    Great review. xoxo

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      1. I have a feeling that in the end they will end up together. They must! Especially with some of the things Celaena said about Chaol in Crown of Midnight. They’d be perfect.
        Yes! I can just imagine that scene right now.

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  5. I have literally just finished reading the first book and I LOVED it. Sarah J Maas is an amazing author and Celaena is such a badass female character. I cannot wait to get started with the second book and I am hoping that I can finish the 2nd and 3rd book before the 4th book releases. PS Chaol and Dorian are equally amazing, so I wonder who Celaena will end up with. 😛 🙂

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      1. SAME HERE!! I mean Dorian is nice and all but I feel that Chaol was there for Celaena everytime she needed him and he always did what was best for her. So, I’m kinda rooting towards Chaol, but I am only in book two so… WHY ARE FICTIONAL GUYS SO CONFUSING? 😛
        (PS the part when Chaol gives Celaena the ring is soo cute 😀 )

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