Book Review: Throne Of Glass by Sarah J. Maas

Does the world need another good review of Throne Of Glass?


After trying to find space to read this book, I decided to do the worldwide read along. This was the only way I could this. I am not ashamed for waiting this long to read this book, I am glad that it finally happened. I don’t feel like you need another good review of this book because you’ve read tons already, but I want to share my thoughts and experience.

This is a book I enjoyed it more because of the characters than for the story. Though the storyline was somehow predictable, because of course you know what’s going to happen in the end, I still wanted to know how things were going to happen. I love that there were parts so obvious that Sarah J. Maas didn’t put to much detail on them and focused on more significant scenes.

Celaena is a true epic hero. She’s tough, straight to the point, she’s not looking for love, she’s amazing! She made me laughed sometimes because I couldn’t believe a character like this. If you thought that Katniss is something, think again, this girl is the real thing. Of course, a girl like this will have her suitors and we will create teams but, she really doesn’t need them. Me, as a big fan of love stories and impossible love,  I choose to be Team Chaol since page 1. And the last page was perfect for me because Chaol is perfect.

I was enjoying this book a lot but, the ending is what made me finally love it.

So this review is just me telling you to read Throne Of Glass too.


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