End of chapter 24. Start chapter 25.

I feel sad because I have to say goodbye to a very special age in my life but, I am thankful. I have lived 25 years in is messy but beautiful place called Earth and I have the chance to see and feel many things that some people haven’t. When I was 24 I made some dreams come true and some not. I have learned a lot of new things and met amazing people that will become life long friends.

At 24, I didn’t finished my novel draft. I am still working on it, I’m sure of the story I want to tell and I am not giving it up.

At 24, I fulfilled my dream of going to Paris. It was an unforgettable experience, I will never forget. That trip changed my life.

At 24,I went to Las Vegas but more specially, I visited Gran Canyon. And I also saw real RAVENS! That place and the ravens are so beautiful.  Can’t wait to go back.

paris PARIS-75 IMG_5454 IMG_5514

At 24, I met amazing people that believe in me and in my dreams. People who do not laugh when I tell them that I want to be a writer.

At 24, I met authors on social media and I met other book bloggers like me. They blogging community is great.

At 24, I read books that will be forever my favorites. Mara Dyer, I’ll Give You The Sun, Never Never, Every Day, Liar’s, Inc.,The Raven Cycle, The Museum Of Intangible Things, My Name Is Memory… and others.

At 24, I got a job in a bookstore and I love it. Now I can moderate book clubs, talk about books all day, meet book lovers, and many other things.

At 24, I went back to collage and now I finally decided what I want to be… I want to be a writer.

Maybe I got more depressed and more tired and more negative, but I have learned a lot from it. There’s still dreams I want to fulfill and I have no plans on giving them up.

I feel more determinate now.

I still feel young, and this is my time, this is my chance.

Let’s keep writing, blogging, reading and drinking coffee!


 Happy 25th Birthday TO ME! 


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