Book Review: The F- It List by Julie Halpern

And yes, the F stands for F- word you are thinking. 

How could I ever resist to this beautiful cover? And just by reading the first page I was shocked enough to buy the book and push away all my TBR books and started reading this one. I was not disappointed! This is an honest story about friendship, romance, sex and cancer. What a mix?! Yeah, that’s the kind of book I will totally put in my list. Alex is a girl who likes gory horror films and dreams on becoming an Horror movie director. She’s sarcastic, negative, sometimes say cruel comments and tries to be tough at any circumstance, the words “I love you” are totally out of her vocabulary. Her best friend, Becca, who wants to be an actress, has a gorgeous long hair and doesn’t mind being romantic though is a total perv. Becca has cancer and she needs Alex to help her complete her Bucket List, one that Alex changes to the F- IT list. Alex is willing to help her friend, and in the process she do things she never planned doing and discover feelings she never expected to feel. The F- It List made me laugh, made me sad, nervous and many other things. I loved it since the first page until the end. Is a very honest and far from clichés. This book have a lot of sex scenes and references to sex and drugs, I like when authors take the risk of writing about it in YA books like this. And these scenes are not there just because, they are part of Alex’s journey to find the meaning of love and life. This book was very different from what I’ve read before and I am sure we can all relate to something about the characters. I loved this book, is the book I would love to read again. The F- It List is about living; taking the things life gives you, good or bad, and just live. Be yourself and the right people will come to you.


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