Book Review: How To Love by Katie Cotugno

This book made me cry. Tears of joy or pain? I leave it to you. This book is a must read. It’s a love story but it’s not your typical chessy perfect story. Katie Cotugno is a wonderful writer, and this being her debut novel I can’t wait to read her new book  99 Days and her future novels.

How To Love alternates chapters between BEFORE and AFTER. Before Reena gets pregant and almost 3 years after that. She’s been head over heels for Sawyer since she was very young and he’s been her crush ever since. Their story is not ever perfect. A series of unexpected events form this roller coaster ride of love, guilt, forgivenes and second chances. 

Alternating chapters between before and after Katie Cotugno develops 2 stories at the same time, that I couldn’t stop reading the book. I wanted to keep reading to get to the next chapter to know what was the next thing that happens. There are a lot of things I never expected from the story. I loved Reena’s character and I could understand everything she did. I found myself saying “I would have done that” in many parts. Sawyer is a great character full of his own past and secrets that lead him to do what he did. Neither of them are perfect, they both made mistakes that at the end of the story each of them must make a choice of how to go on with their life now that they share a daughter. 

Katie Cotugno writing is amazing. She has way to let you know how the characters feel and get you into them so well. There were scenes I knew what was happening but she leaves things to the imagination that, for me, is brillant.

I don’t want to go to spoilers but I loved the ending. It’s not like everyone is going to like it but I do. I would have done it too. Reena let people and things around her drive her life, At the end, Reena followed her heart. Her choice was her own and nothing coud stop her doing was she wanted to do.

I cried so much with this book. The last few sentences are so meaningful. I was not expecting that ending I am was so glad it happened. It was perfect. I have read th ending several times, that’s how much I loved it.

I know some people might not like this book but I did, I loved it


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