Paris, my moveable feast (BLOG SERIES P.1)

Since I have use of reason, I always dreamed of going to Paris, France. It was my first dream destination. I always knew I was going someday, and I saved money for it. And every year I planned and looked for trip, or planned of going by myself, but before anything else in my life, I needed to visit Paris. Finally, I found my special chance when I went back to college.

I found ta course that studies American Writers in Paris. The course required a trip to Paris and read some writings from Hemingway, Fitzgerald, Ginsberg, Baldwin. Two things, I want to go Paris and I want to be a writer so reading and traveling is good for me. I took money from my saving account, money that I been saving for Europe, and enlisted myself on this.

The trip, more than a trip was a challenge. I dislike being in groups of people, I prefer doing things by myself, but this experienced challenged me since I was going with a group of 14 humans to the city of my dreams and I barely knew them.  But sometimes, when we wait for things to come to us, they arrive in the most magical way and life surprises us. The moment I got on the first plane for the connection to NY I knew that those people were the right people. I was glad that the universe chose them to share with me this dream and this unforgettable experience. I connected with them the instant I talked with them. We all share one thought, “We will have the best trip of our lives”. Though I was one of the oldest of the group they made me feel young and new, they cheered me up and made me enjoy this trip so much.

One of my biggest fear of this trip was the 7 hour flight over the Atlantic. For some strange reason, I was very scared. The aircraft used in that flight was very uncomfortable and that helped me forget I was flying to the Old World. I tried my best to sleep and I did but I woke up every 30 minutes because my legs had no space to rest.

I arrived to Paris very early in the morning. It was still dark and I was beaming like a star of happiness. My feet were in Paris, France, at the Charles De Gaulle airport. That was one of the happiest moments of my life. And at the moment I stepped out the airport and breathed the French air, I knew that I was living a dream.

I saw the sun rising up, waking up the city. All my weariness faded with the sun light. I loved Paris since I step on it. I couldn’t wait to explore it. Our first bus stop was the most important of all, the one that authenticates this place and this moment. In the light of the sunrise, the iconic and beloved Eiffel Tower stood in front of me.  My eyes couldn’t believe I was really seeing it. I was in Paris, and in front of me was the piece of metal that I dreamed of seeing with my own eyes. “It’s real !” , I thought. My heart was full. I was far away from home, I was 5 hours ahead of the rest of the people I know in America, and I was living my dream.

To be continued….


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