Next Stop: Paris

Since I was a little girl my dream trip was to visit the wonderful city of Paris. I became obsessed with the French Revolution. I learned about the history, then I learned some french, looked for pictures, got a lot of Eiffel Tower things, always dreaming of Paris. Finally, this dream is coming true.

I have a lot of mixed feelings, I am anxious, I don’t know what to expect from Paris, I will be very away from home, but it’s my dream and I also feel excited.

This will be a new adventure and challege for me. It’s the first time I ever travel with a group. I’m used to travel alone or with my family, never with friends. And these friends are new friends I met a month ago. I’m a little anxious because of how I’ll react to all of this situation. I’m an anxious person and this new experience is a chance to prove that I can do things by my own and to overcome my anxieties. 

I’ll be having a blog series of the trip with photos.   

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