5 Reasons to Pre-Order JOYRIDE by Anna Banks now!

Joyride is the next book by Anna Banks, author of the Syrena series. Sadly, this book comes out in June 2. I got the wonderful chance to read the eARC (Thank you, NetGalley), and I can’t wait until it comes out and you all get to read it. I will be posting a full review later, by the time the book is soon to come out. The author. Is giving autographed bookplates for those who pre-order the book so, if you haven’t yet decided to pre-order Joyride or not, I picked up so,e reasons of why you should do it NOW!

1. The tough leading female heroine: Carly Vega, she knows how to go for the others. Hard worker, selfless, shy, tough but a total sweetheart.

2. A super cute guy: Arden Moss, is the guy who doesn’t give up for what he wants and knows how to go for it.

3. PRANKS! : Yeah, terribly awesome pranks.

4. Suspense: This book will hook you. There’s the feel of “I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN, I’M SCARED” and it will make you keep reading.

5. ROMANCE: YES, a love story is involved and you will love it and it is amazing.

Plus, if you PreOrder this book and sent proof to the author, she will send you a signed bookplate for your book. For more info follow ANNA BANKS on twitter: @Byannabanks

If you’re not already convinced, try reading the first 5 chapters here.


AMAZON | Barnes and Noble

Plus, I am going to give away one SIGNED BOOKMARK if you share this on twitter. BONUS ENTRY if you comment on this post! RTs counts! Giveaway running until Feb. 28



  1. I do not like you. Now I want to pre-order this book! I was on a book buying ban…and okay, I broke it with Ugly Love but I’m trying not to buy any more books and now this one. *sighs* The struggle is real.


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