Going Back To College.

Tomorrow, I am going back to college after two years of finishing an Associate’s Degree. I have to admit that I feel scared and nervous. I don’t remember well how does it feel to go back to a classroom, meet new people, feel awkward in a class room and all that. I am making my greatest effort here to go to college and try to have a “good future”. I decided I wanted to be writer because, it’s the one thing I’ve never stopped doing and I love writing. I know that if this is the career I want to pursuit I need a lot of improvement, so this is the first step. I have other dreams and things that I want to do, and this is me trying to figure what are the things I want most.

I hope everything goes well on this semester, is going to feel weird at first. The best part is that I am going to Paris in less than three months!

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