Book Review: Playlist For The Dead

I know you are looking for more books to add in your TBR pile, here’s one more, the debut novel of Michelle Falkoff,Playlist For The Dead.

Sam’s best friend, Hayden, commits suicide and leaves him a playlist and a note. ” For Sam- Listen and you’ll understand”

The story is full of mystery. Of course, we know that Sam’s friend committed suicide, but why? He begins to investigate through the Playlist, through other people and other posible clues that might give him the answer to this mystery. We are as clueless as the character is through the whole book. Sam is full of guilt and questions about the real reason of why his best friend and only friend decided to shut off his life. I’m still debating the tittle. The playlist in the first place, is not for a dead.  Hayden left a playlist like a suicide note, so the playlist is not for the dead, is for the living ones to listen and understand. Sam listen to this playlist all the time looking for answers but the songs really does not tell him anything important. Sam and Hayden were mostly gamers and most of the mystery of the book is around video gaming, other people, things he find, but not in the songs. The character development was kind of forced. The way Sam is dragged into new friends and stuff, it happens very quick. He barely struggled with having to find new friends because, he’s just following a girl he likes. It felt like after Hayden, his life was more outgoing and better. I don’t know, there’re lots of things we can understand and analyze from the story and the characters. The great thing about the story is the mystery it develops. Sam is confused and so we are. When he begins to discover secrets that Hayden kept from him and so, we start to understand as well as Sam how and why the things happened. I didn’t like the reason why Hayden did what he did. I think his self- esteem was very low and he didn’t valued Sam’s friendship. It’s sad that young people commits suicide for such stupid reasons. The reasons the book present is very poor but, if we analyze Hayden very deep we may find more things that were going on. I still refuse that that was the real reason. I know this book will generate good discussions and open spaces to talk about teenage suicide. I like learning and reading about this topic because, it’s a cause I would like to work with. I invite you to read Playlist For The Dead, coming out this January 27th. Grab your copy, read, and share your thoughts below. If you still debating whether to read it or no, comment any way. Let’s have a conversation. And if you read it … please let me know!

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