Book Review: Blue Lily, Lily Blue by Maggie Stiefvater

My love for the Raven Cycle just reached 100% of love. It’s going to be hard to write this review without spoilers but, I am going to do it.

       Reading The Raven Cycle demands of a lot of thinking and interpretation. You get into every character, join their world, live and feel them so, it’s not difficult to get attached to them. I read the second book and third one after the other and, everything I wanted was to get inside the book and live inside it. I got very attached to them and their quest and everything else in between. Yeah, I am that weak.

So far, this is my favorite book of the series. It’s very intense, the characters are more mature and grown up. We see the weak side of Blue, Adam’s transformation into a more mature guy, Ronan hanging out with Adam, Gansey being Gansey. A lot of things happen in this book, since is more centered to Blue we find out things about her we wanted to know since the beginning of the series. As well, there are other questions answered.

I love every Gansey and Blue scene together. I love how Stiefvater can write romantic scenes without kissing and touching involved. I love Blue and Gansey, and how they keep their relationship secret.

Ahh ! And Gray Man………. I love that man.

This book will make you swoon, cry and finally make you angry. So many things happen, I can’t tell because I promised no spoilers, but I want to explode! OMG this book, well, I am ruined. That ending….. I’m hurt.

Now the wait for the 4th book……….

This is my reaction when I finished the book ( well not really, but close)

Please please! If you read this book please comment below because I need someone to talk about it.


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