Grand Canyon, the ravens and the road.

For writing reasons, first of all, I decided one day that I wanted to visit the Grand Canyon. Writing a story set in the West side of the USA and also writing a story about making a choice in the Grand Canyon, going there was a must. And also, I knew that ravens lived there and it was my dream to see one in real life. Ravens are my inspiration for writing a novel I been working on years and years ago. During that time I been learning a lot about them and grew fond of them.

We drove all the way from Las Vegas to Grand Canyon. It was a long road, full of scenery all new for me. I live in a tropical island, desert, rocks, tree-less mountains are totally new to me. On the road, I took a lot of pictures and inspiration for writing. I loved every view. Since the time I went to LA, I was amazed by the west side of USA. The mountains, the valleys, the civilization inside the desert. So different from what I am used to.



Right in the middle of nowhere, actually close to a gas station, we found a gift shop. It was really cute, full of handmade stuff by natives, fair prices and clean bathrooms. The photo below is one of the decoration that was outside the shop.


And this is what the Grand Canyon looks like. It’s real, although it looks like a paint in real life. The National Park is really nice. Price is $25 per car, pass last 7 days. The Park has places to stay inside, or you can stay camping. There are free shuttles that takes you to different spots. The weather was amazing, perfect for me and perfect for that day. I loved the place so much.  I really wish to go back and stay few days because there’s a lot do. My visit was short, but everything I saw was beautiful.


The best part of the whole trip was this: I saw a RAVEN ! Yeysss! They are big, shinny, beautiful. The sound they do is music to my ears. I saw lots of ravens but I only had the chance to take few photos of them.



Some extra photos for you:







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