Las Vegas Day 2

The second day in Las Vegas started off with: The Beatles and Starbucks. After visiting Treasure Island Hotel (a.k.a. the CASINO island, for me), I walked to the nearest Starbucks and grabbed a coffee. The weather was perfect for coffee, because it was a bit chilly but not as chill that you have to wear a coat. The warm of coffee and walking to the next hotel was a great experience. Actually, coffee can make any experience better. I don’t remember what time it was but the sun light was perfect. I say it again, the West is amazing.





( I got tickets for the Cirque Du Soleil “LOVE”, yes, The Beatles tribute show! )


Okay, then we visited the iconic “Welcome to fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada” vintage sign. It was so cool because it’s vintage and it’s been there since the beginning of Las Vegas. The best part is that if you see the sign from the front you see the hotels and stuff. If you look the other way, there’s a highway and you see the mountains and the road. It was amazing. I wanted to drive away and explore far away from that. (You can tell and I’m in love with the west.) Next, it was time to continue the tour throughout the hotels.


MGM Grand Hotel is really GRAND! I mean, it was really luxurious and beautiful. There’s where most of the boxing fights takes place and you can tell for some of the decoration and souvenirs. I was really impress with this one. When you go outside to the street side you can cross a brigde that gets you to the New York, New York hotel. I just walked by because the only great thing I saw was the outside. There’s a super huge roller coaster and the mini Statue Of Liberty. Following that it’s the Excalibur Hotel. Greatly gorgeous outside, though it was also inside but the casinos and the smell of cigarettes ruined it. When, you keep walking you get inside the Luxor Hotel. this is the Egyptian inspired one. The lobby was immense. The center is the inside of a pyramid, very impressive, besides that nothing really wow.  That was generally what I saw in the hotels and my experience. Not much.

At night, I visited Fremont Street. It’s in the same Las Vegas Ave. but it’s far from the hotel areas, is where you can find most of the small chapels and other weird places. The area is really strange and so was the Fremont St.. The moment I got in I wanted to leave. I felt secure but at the same time I felt like I was in a dirty place. I don’t know, it was weird. Maybe, too loud for me.

Last thing? The Bellagio water show! You can’t go to Las Vegas and don’t see at least once, the water show. They played a song from The Beatles! “Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds” and the show was pretty fun and great. It was worth it.



Here’s some extra photos:







Next post is everything about GRAND CANYON!

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