Las Vegas Day 1

The day I woke up to the wonderful view of the desert mountains of Nevada, it was a cold morning destined to explore the “Fabulous” Vegas for the first time. Because of jet lag I woke up very early since my home time was 4 hours ahead. I was fascinated with the view of the great city and the sight of mountains behind. I love visiting the west side of the USA. It’s so different from what I am used to and brings me the feeling of something new and something hopeful.

I was staying at the Hard Rock Hotel, with after the smell of smoke, it was really nice. After a waffle breakfast in Ihop we drove to the famous Las Vegas Strip. The first hotel we visited was The Bellagio. The lobby was really cool, an interior garden full of color and trees with faces, but that was it. The hotels are basically casinos with rooms. They all smell like smoke and it was driving me crazy. Then Paris Hotel was small and boring.


The Caesar’s Palace looked very promising from the outside. When I went in it was really boring. A casino and the prize for the winner of the book Endgame.

The Venetian so far is my favorite. There’s a lot to see. The casino is underground so its not the first thing you see when you get in., it’s optional if you want to go and play.There I got to eat cannolis again in Carlo’s Bakery. The service was really good and the cannolis where delicious.



After that, I visited a very sophisticated and huge mall called, The Forum Shop. It connects to the Caesar’s Palace and its very beautiful. It has H&M so of course I had to go and buy some clothes.


Late and last thing of the day, I visited The Mirage Hotel. I grabbed a hot chocolate from Starbucks. While we walked inside the hotel we found one side decorated and dedicated to my favorite band ever, The Beatles. There’s the theater for the Cirque Du Soliel show dedicated to them. I was very excited and happy for this. Finally I found a place for me here because for the rest, I really don’t care.



This was how it went my first day in Vegas.

Here some extra photos I want to share with you:



IMG_5233.JPGEating dinner at In-N-Out ! We missed this place.




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