Book Review: The Statistical Probability Of Love At First Sight by Jennifer E. Smith

I am not going to say this book is bad, I will say it wasn’t for me. A lot of people love this book so I admit is good, but it didn’t worked out for me. Maybe it was because of what I’ve lived or maybe I wasn’t in the mood for reading this kind of book.

Hadley and Oliver meet at the airport after Hadley misses her flight to London for her father’s wedding. They sit together in the plane and fall in love. Hadley is still angry with her father for divorcing her mother and starting a new family far away from her with a woman she’s never met.

The ending is predictable since the tittle of the book. I thought this book was going to be romantic, it is, but it focus more on Hadley and her trying to fix her relationship with her father, realizing that other people has bigger problems than hers. The romantic part of the book is secondary and too much perfect. There are cliches and things that are too obvious. The book is fast paced, everything happens in 1 day, that you don’t have time to realize whats happening or to at least fall in love with the characters. The ending stopped my heart a little. There’s a line that stopped my heart. Just that.

I was kind of disappointed with this book, I really wanted to love it but I didn’t. But if you did, please share your opinion, comment, insult, whatever you want to write below.


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  1. I agree with you, it is a very fast paced book. I think it’s one of them novels that is a easy read for summer. I read this book first when I just turned 18, now at 20 years old I re-read this novel and was unimpressed by the narrative and have to agree it wasn’t the best of books. I like your review, everyone has their own opinions.


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