Book Review: Since You’ve Been Gone by Morgan Matson

Did I ever forget to mention that books can literally change your life? They do! Trust me. And Since You’ve Been Gone is no exception, on the counter part, this book is better than going to a psychologist. Like, really.

When I read Amy & Roger’s Epic Detour I named Morgan Matson ONE OF MY FAVORITE AUTHORS. Why? Because she writes in a way that helps you heal and enlightens you to become a better person. In this book, Sloane, Emily’s best friend disappears in the beginning of the summer. She only leaves a note with a To-Do List of things that takes a lot of courage to do. Emily trying to find a way to reunite with her best friend decides to do every single item on the list. Example: Kiss a stranger, steal something…. skinny dipping?! The things Emily find about herself and the way this list changes her life is what this book is about.


I started writing the draft of this review before finishing the book. I was fascinated by it and while reading I couldn’t stop smiling and saying “WOW”.When I tell you that this book is better than therapy is because I’m speaking for myself. I am afraid of everything, there are things I never do because I am scare no matter how small and stupid they are. Emily is like that, she was brave when she was with Sloane and that’s why she needs her. When Emily starts to takes the courage she needs to do everything on the list it’s when we see her character grown in a way that’s inspiring.

This book is about doing what scares you and being brave. It’s not until we take down the walls of fear we build ourselves that we can see what’s on the other side. I love this book and I am doing my best to do things that scares me. I been doing good, and I am feeling more happy. This is definitely a book I needed to read, and if you struggle with fear and want to start being brave you have to read this book.

Here’s my list for you:

1. Read Since You’ve Been Gone (click to buy)

2.Wake up before sunrise

3.Tell that special someone how you feel

4. Wear that clothing combination you always wanted to wear

5.Look yourself on the mirror and say “I Love me this way”


Share anything down here! Let’s discuss is amazing book!




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