The Young Elites: One question and answer with author Marie Lu.

You know (and if you don’t know, you know now ) that I love Marie Lu’s books. Legend trilogy and The Young Elites have absolutely amazing female protagonists that would cosplay anytime. I would love to play them in a movie if I get the chance, because I understand them and they are amazing and I relate to them. So yeah! I am a fan of Marie Lu and June and Adelina !

Today she did a Q&A thing in her Facebook fan page, I asked something and she replied.  Here: ( I was fangirling so bad ! )


What do you think? Did you find any message in Adelina’s character? What we can learn from her? Comment below and let’s have a discussion. I loved this book. Any comment about the book is welcome.

If you haven’t read The Young Elites, here are the links to buy it online:

For Kindle


Barnes and Noble

Also, here’s my review for The Young Elites: The Young Elites Book Review




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