November is a challenge

After 4 months of unemployment, because I choose to, I found a new job in a bookstore. It’s a temporary job, just for the holiday season, but it will help a lot. The thing is that I start today, and that means that this month is going to be a hard one. I will try my very very sacrificed best to do NaNoWriMo this year. I never finish it so I will try to finish this year at any cost. I will read some books I want to read this month. One that is a I-HAVE-TO-THIS-RIGHT-NOW-OR-I-WILL-DIE is, the last book of the Mara Dyer series.

ALSO, I have a trip for the end of the month to Las Vegas. I will keep my blog while traveling to do some Travel Writing. I have to enroll for college. I have to try to keep a social life. And so on….

It’s a big big challenge for me and I’m the kind of person that gives up easily so, this is a double challenge.

I will give my 100% do this. MOTIVATED !

-Melanie xx

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