“All The Truth That’s In Me” by Julie Berry. Book Review

Right after I finished this book I had no idea how I was going to do a review about it. My feelings and reactions where a mess and I had no idea how to place them in order instead of writing this: “fghfkgfgkgbfgbh” . So I managed it this way.

Four years ago, Judith and her friend were kidnapped. Two years later only Judith returned. Unable to speak, Judith lives like a ghost in her town, she speaks in her mind to a boy that she loved since childhood. After, Roswell Station is attacked, Judith must choose between stay in silence or recover her voice and speak everything she knows. Her choice changes her life forever.

I almost forgot about the magic of books until I read All The Truth That’s In Me. The story is very confusing at the beginning. It’s narrated to Lucas so, it’s in told in second person. Getting used to this POV was kind of confusing and annoying for me at the start because, it’s the first book I read like this. You only get like bits of Judith’s past and present out of order. If you stop reading you might get lost when you pick up the book again, so I couldn’t put it down. (Yes, you will want to know what happens and you will be forced to keep reading!) But, then the story continues normal until the end. It’s a beautiful book with a beautiful ending. I had no idea of what would happen next, I was surprised many times. This book it’s a ride, ups and downs, go forward go back, but the ending its a relaxing one and perfect.

Julie Berry did a wonderful job at writing a story without order but, one that makes sense.

I loved it! I still feel the magic of this book floating.

Thoughts, comments? Please share below.

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