“Even In Paradise” Book review

Even In Paradise is the story of Charlotte Ryder, a girl who goes to St. Annes boarding school with a scholarship, there she meets Julia Buchanan. Julia comes from a wealthy family with a tragedy and a secret. She drags Charlotte into her world, she get into her family and falls in love with her brother, Sebastian. 

This is a story about friendship and caring. About growing and seeing that not everything is like you thing it is. Julia’s family suffered a tragedy and hence Julia is broken and she’s trying to make herself forget. The ending was very real and nice, so was the conclusion.

I will be very honest here with the things I didn’t like because, maybe it’s just me. I was hoping a lot more of this book because a was told it was like “We Were Liars”, but it’s not. When I started reading this book I felt very lost, it’s very fast paced for me. In one moment they where here, next chapter they where somewhere else without telling what happened in between. I wish the book had more description and, that some scenes had more passion and feeling. I never got attached to the characters because I never truly knew them. I tried to get into them but the conversations where very short and didn’t revealed anything wow.Though, I guess it was part of the book. The thing is that you have to read until the end to understand the message and the meaning of the book .That’s when I could say that I liked the book. It’s not my favorite book but, it’s not a bad book. I guess it didn’t worked out for me as I wanted or expected and I feel kind of disappointed.

Please share your comments, link, questions, anything related to this book if you read it or if you are planning to read it.

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