Anatomy Of A Misfit by Andrea Portes Book Review

So, let’s talk about Anatomy Of A Misfit . Written by Andrea Portes, based on events that occurred her in middle school, it take us back to our 15 year old self on this school and love adventure about fitting in, mischief, love and growing up.

Anika Dragomir is the third most popular girl in school, below her two friends Becky and Shelli. Anika knows she’s weird and a freak. She’s different but she shadow herself under the two most popular girls in school to fit in. The plot twist comes when loner hottie troubled Logan and the most popular boy in school,Jared, falls for her. Choosing Logan will drop her off her status. Choosing Jared will raise her social status. She is twisted between following her heart of following what the rest of the people will think of her. With a surprising ending, Anika learns a lesson that will change her completely.

The voice of the book is very funny. Me being 9 years older than Anika I got to remember myself when I was that age, I said a lot of “Yeah, right?” to myself. I believe that no matter how old we are we still deal with trying to fit in and ignoring what our heart is telling us and, this book reminds us listen to what our heart is telling us. I must admit that the ending is very surprising, although I didn’t like what happened, I loved the conclusion and the lesson the author wants to teach us with this book.

If you read the book or plan to read it please share your thoughts and comments bellow. I want to chat with you.

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