“Falling Into Place” Book review and Bookclub

Funny things, aren’t they? People. They only believed in what they could see. Appearances were all that mattered, and no one would ever care what she was like on the inside. No one cared that she was breaking apart.”

High school junior, Liz Emerson, tries to make her suicide looks like an accident. Hanging on between life and death, Falling Into Place by Amy Zhang, tells the story of how Liz finally decides that her best way to fix things was with herself gone forever. Told by a surprising unexpected narrator, the story unfolds between nonlinear flashbacks and the present giving us glimpses of what made Liz break apart.

I really don’t know where to begin this review. This book is a therapy for anyone who’s ever thought about suicide. Liz thought she ruined the life of the people around her. She’s a bully, she thought the world around her belonged to her and made what she pleased with it. She was so broken inside that she couldnt see that everything happening around her was not in fact her fault. It’s a story about growing up and trying to accept our mistakes and mend them. A chance to fix things and become a better person. To not be ashamed to ask help when we need it because we are afraid of what people think.

What I like about this book is that it doesnt show us a loner girl, with no friends, sad and lonely. Liz Emerson had her friends, she is confident, brave, loud but, inside she was breaking apart. Everything she did was to push away feelings that where making her sad and she was so sad that she plans her suicide.

I read this book because it was assigned for the Epic Reads Bookclub in my local bookstore, The Bookmark. I really liked this book and I will recommend it mostly to people who ever thought about suicide. Is a book about hope, give it a chance, you won’t regret reading it. This book will make you see things differently and will help. believe me. There’s people around us that love us even though we can’t understand why or how. That’s the magic of love, isn’t?


Like I said before, this book was assigned by my local bookstore for an Epic Reads Bookclub hosted by Epic Reads .

We had a live chat interview with the author Amy Zhang.

Here’s few things I got to know there:

  •  Falling Into Place started as 2 short stories.
  • Amy Zhang relate the most to Kennie.
  • Liz represent all the reckless things teenagers do.
  • Next book will be about a boy and a girl taking the worst out of them. I know the name of the book but, I am not sure if I can tell.
  • Here’s an exclusive quote from Amy herself. An advice to all of us.

“You will end up where you need to be.”

-Amy Zhang

If you read the book let’s share a discussion below with your comments. If you haven’t comment anyway!


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