The Young Elites (Book Review)

My favorite part of finishing reading a book is doing a book review to tell everyone how amazing the book is. I became a fan of Marie Lu’s work since I fell for the Legend series. I loved the development of her characters and how easy I could relate to them and became them. The Young Elites is her latest book and she hasn’t disappoint me yet. I been waiting for this book since she announced the title and now after a week from it’s release I have the honor to write a review for it.


The Young Elites by Marie Lu is fantasy book about a young girl named Adelina, who survived a blood fever and left with a strange mark and a strange power.Her father, as well the people in her country, called her a malfetto. One night she commits a crime by which she was arrested and sentence to death. The day of her death she was rescued by a group of malfetttos with powerful gifts called the Young Elites. The series of events that follows in the life of Adelina Amouteru starts to reveals her true self and she must learn to accept it. Adelina is full of hatred, revenge and full of desire to destroy.

I haven’t read YA fantasy ever, I believe, and I thought I might not like it or I might find it hard to get into but no. This book was amazing since the first page, I was afraid to end it because I know I have to wait God knows how long for a sequel. This book is the journey of a villain trying to know herself and her power, trying to redeem herself but failing at it and accepting her true nature. I could get into the character very easy and understand Adelina. It felt like when life hits you and hits you and you have no choice but to be bad because you are full of hate. It’s something I never read before specially for a Young Adult book. It shows the dark side of ourselves that we never dare to talk about. I loved this book so much and it broke my heart at the edge of my tears flooding my eyes.

The book is mostly written by Adelina’s point of view, But, it also includes the perspectives of other important characters in third person POV. It’s a really good way to see the things the protagonist cannot see.

You all have to read this book to fangirl about it and cry together. It’s characters are amazing and you will want to dress up like them for Halloween. I give it 5 of 5 stars to this amazing book.

Marie Lu read this review!



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