The Museum Of Intangible Things (Book review)

By judging the cover I would have never read this book, but someone recommended it to me and I read it not expecting anything from it. I was wrong. This book is totally the type of book I love reading. It was like a mix of all my favorite books. I relate a lot to this book because I probably have some mental illness that need to work on, it spoke to me and it really touched my heart. It’s one of those books that makes you grow up a little and you can hold a deep personal relationship with it. I loved it and now it’s part of my “Favorite Books” list. It’s an emotional journey about friendship, self discovery, first love and growing up as a person.


The Museum Of Intangible Things, by Wendy Wunder, is the story about Hannah. She and her best friend Zoe been friends since childhood, they only have each other for support since both her families are totally dysfunctional. One day Zoe needs to get out of town taking Hannah with her and they start a road trip leaving their past behind. Zoe begin teaching Hannah about life’s intangible things she lacks in her life but helps Hannah to see her life with different eyes.

It’s an unforgettable journey with a surprising ending. You wont feel the same after you read it. It combines love, friendship, lust, first love, mental illness and happiness. I recommended it to anyone who loves reading books with a deep message about life and how to deal with mental illness. This book is beautiful. I shouldn’t want to anyone else to read it because I want to keep it to myself but yeah, you should read it. I give it 5 of 5 stars.

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