Happy 10 years of LOST

Another happy 10 years goes to the first tv series I ever dared to watch and my favorite since ever, LOST. It still feels like yesterday when it was Wednesday 8pm September 22, 2004 and I was in my sister’s bedroom watching LOST for the first time. After that episode I became the most loyal fan of the series, never missing the show in the air dates.

I started watching because I was a huge super (still) Lord Of The Rings fan and Dominic Monaghan was in the show and he’s in LOTR too. Then I got so involved with the other characters that I almost forgot about him. I joined LOST forums, I kept a notebook with notes to keep connecting what was happening on the show. It was an awesome experience. I never been so loyal to a tv show like I was with LOST. I couldn’t miss this show for anything in the world and everyone respected that. Nobody could talk to me during that hour, nothing could happen that hour basically. I don’t regret ever doing so. My username everywhere is @melanielost because of this series, it’s not like I am literally lost of something (and this name is always available). I am a pround LOST fan since day one !

Add to all that that I was the only Lostie I knew. Nobody else I knew that time was a fan or watched the series. Me alone in my fandom.

Favorite episode?

I have lots of favorites but my favorites favorite are all those with Desmond flashbacks. And of course, although he started in season 2, Desmond Hume is my favorite character of LOST.

L O S T is in Netflix so go and watch it.

Here’s my secret collection of ever LOST magazine: (not ever for sale)

All of them. 🙂

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