Happy 10 years of “AMERICAN IDIOT”

I am not a big fan of Green Day but I am a big fan of their album, American Idiot. Today it’s been 10 years since this album came out. I was 14 years old, right on the start of my teenage years when everything gets really messed up but I will never forget them. Now, I think about my life 10 years ago influenced by this music and everything that happened back then. It’s kind of shameful though.

I remember the mornings preparing for school turning on the tv and watching the “Boulevard Of Broken Dreams” music video on MTV (when MTV was MTV), I felt so cool so punk really pumped for the day. I was really hooked up with this band because, here it comes, I had a crush on a guy who listened to them and listening to Green Day reminded me of him and bla bla… you know how cheesy a 14 year old girl is. But apart from all that romantic b.s. , this album became my personal favorite since then. It marks a very important stage in my life, but also the concept and the music is totally amazing. The album is a story and just like we do when we read a book, this album transports you into that story and you singing like it’s a movie or something. I can still relate to a lot of things from the album that I use to relate 10 years ago because American Idiot became part of me.

10 years ago, when my goal was to learn the lyrics of “Jesus Of Suburbia” and “Homecoming” by heart. And I did! I printed the lyrics and listened to the songs until I learned them without reading them and I felt like I achieved the world. Those where good days.

“And there’s nothing wrong with me
This is how I’m supposed to be
In a land of make believe
That don’t believe in me”

-Jesus of Suburbia

2014 marks ten years of so many great things in my life that marked me forever and as I recall them I also reflect on them and think that I have a lot to learn from my old self. Because I used to be different, I was brave, I finished everything I started and I feel like I am not like that anymore. Although I grew up in so many ways there still parts of me that needs to go back and learn from that teenage girl I used to be.

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