Suicide Prevention Day.

Today is Suicide Prevention Day. What we do today is something we have to do everyday, help others. In the time we are living people are more likely to feel sad and depressed, for so many reasons. Jobs are harder to find, people want to control you, the internet, and the list can go on. You are  not the only person in the world feeling sad, you are not really alone. Today we have to choose to live. What if tomorrow we are meant to be happy again? Are you going to miss that chance? Let’s start by having HOPE, because you and I matter no matter what people say, no matter what we think.

It’s hard to be open about “being depressed”. It’s difficult to admit to someone : “hey, I feel really depressed”. People might no believe us and maybe they laugh at us. Sometimes we try to hide our sadness being funny or just avoiding what’s really going on inside us. There’s a face we show to the world and there’s are real face, the one we try to hide. It’s in the dark corner of our bedrooms that we face our real selves and confront our true feelings. Fears and anxiety take over us and put us on the cold hard ground. What we do next?

I understand that when we feel bad, no matter how worse is someone’s problem, ours matter the most because they live inside us. I totally understand this because I lived it. I suffer from anxiety, the fact that I’m surrounded by people makes me anxious and scared. But that’s something I need to work on. Even though I know that my dreams will never come true because I keep being scared, I still feel hope. I hope that one day I will win the battle with my fears and start fighting for my dreams.We have to be the beacon of inspiration for others. If we can do it, others can. Suicide is giving up. We don’t give up. We fight. You and I can do it. 

In my darkest days I found on the intenet about “To write love on her arms”. They are an organization for mental health issues. Reading their site and reading other people stories helped me a lot and I will support them everyday.

Please check out their website. TWLOHA

Feel free to comment if you need help. We can email if you want.



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