Rainbow Rowell Live Chat answer to my questions

I joined the Book Riot chat with Rainbow Rowell, the amazing write of Fangirl, Eleanor & Park, Attachments and now Landline. I asked her his question and here’s her answer. I thought I should share it with you all.


Comment From Melanie Barbosa  

I’m currently reading Landline. Only 70 pages left! But I my all time favorite is Fangirl, because I can relate to Cath a lot. Here’s my question: What inspire you to write your stories? Do they just pop out of your mind? You dream them? You plan them? How it works on you? I’m curious.


Thank you! This is a really hard question to answer because so much of it happens subconsciously for me. It’s almost like a dream … the way your dreams seem like they’re built of real parts. I feel like my ideas are very often tied to things I’m consciously thinking about. When I came up with the idea for Fangirl, I was reading a lot of fanfiction. These ideas sort of feel like “What ifs.” I’ll think, “What if there was a girl who was very successful online, but scared to leave her room?” I mean, that’s a vast oversimplification …

   Comment From Melanie Barbosa  

  What’s your advice for future writers? I’m working on my first novel now.


My advice is to read a lot. And to write a lot. I think you need to be so full of language,

that you can recognize good writing when it comes out of you.


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