“The Maze Runner” book review


I wasn’t into reading this book, but after watching the movie trailer my first thought was ” I have to read this book” (insert a fangirl high pitched squeal) . And so it happened.

I added this book to my “Books to read wish list”. Then, I got it as a birthday present. Hurried the next day, made coffee, sat in the backyard, and started reading. From the first page I was forced to keep reading.

The book is about this boy that suddenly arrive to this strange place named the “Glade”. He only remember that his name is Thomas and he feels like he’s been there before. The Glade is surrounded by a gigantic Maze and Thomas tries to find the way out. The plot add more mystery when other kids from the Glade starts to remember who was Thomas . Who’s the real Thomas? What was his life before getting inside this mysterious place? Do they survive the Maze? Those are probably the questions that will keep running in you head while reading the book and everything to try to stop reading.

The book is wriiten in a 3rd person POV. This POV is usually kind of hard for me to read and keep on but, this book actually makes you feel everything the character is feeling so it was okay.

The best and wrost thing about this book is that it leaves you wanting to read the sequel!

The Maze Runner movie is coming this September.

I totally recommend this book to anyone who likes adventure, mystery YA fiction.

More books reviews are coming up soon, because I have more than 11 books waiting to be read.


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