24 old me. 24 things about me.

Today is my birthday !


Today I turn 24yrs old. 24 years of good and bad things. 24 years fighting with all my feelings and learning and trying to strive. Years of trying to figure out myself, trying to find my place in this world. In this occasion, I wanted to point “24 facts about me” in honor of my 24th birthday.


1. I still read Young Adult books. Why not? I still feel like I need to learn a lot from teenagers. Those years are the best in our lives and after them we start to get scared of life and everything. Young Adults are so brave and fearless, I remember my days, that I will always love to read YA and write them too.

2. My favorite movies in the world are “The Lord Of  The Rings” trilogy. They are the best movies ever made and they are the reason my fangirling life started.

3. “The Chronicles Of Narnia: The Last Battle” is my favorite book ever. I have read it like 7 times and I hope they never make the movie so it doesn’t get ruined. And Jill Poole is my favorite character of the series.

4. My author heroes are Tolkien, John Green and Tahereh Mafi. ❤

5. I am addicted to coffee.

6. I wish I lived in UK.

7.My first job was in Disney Parks. Disney hold a special meaning to me. And Walt Disney is one of my favorite people ever.

8. I keep more than 15 notebooks, that’s how much I love to write.

9.The Beatles are  my #1 in music.

10.My name means “dark”

11. I love and enjoy rainy days better.

12.I wrote my first short story when I was 6 years and it won 1st place in the school contest.

13.I am writing few novels I plan to finish before I turn 25.

14.I don’t a female favorite actress. Male actors are better, I enjoy their work better. I mean, Johnny Depp, Benedict Cumberbatch, Robert Downey Jr. …

15. If I can’t relate to a book, then it’s not a favorite one.

16. I am so addicted to my iPhone and internet. I admit it.

17. I feel too much and it sucks, but that helps me to write better. I guess is a writer thing. I learned to take every experience and every feeling to write and let them out  through my characters.

18. I love eBooks and normal books as well, they still books!

19. Pinterest is the best site to find inspiration.

20.I try to follow my own fashion style.

21. I love singing as much as I love reading.

22.I lack of organization when it comes to what I want to do with my life. I want so many things.

23. I love kind of  “impossible love/it’s so hard to be with you/we are not supposed to be together”  love stories.

24. I made my  “See The Phantom Of The Opera on Broadway”  dream come true.



Now I am off to celebrate !


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