Goodbye to my old job.

I always knew this day would come. I just didn’t know when. It took me more time than expected but finally I had the courage to escape.
As much as i love the people I met here I have to care for myself first. As much as I will miss them, I was missing out my dreams more. I decided to make a change, step out of my comfort zone. Now my real life begins. The start of something new. I don’t know where I am going. What plans are out there for me. But i only have goals and dreams to follow and make them happen. I learned a lot there. I will never forget my friends. I encourage them to do the same. Once you know what you want keep focused on that. Life is much more that having to pay bills and working to pay stuff.

A lot of people, books and songs had inspired me so much. They felt like a voice from far away telling me to follow my heart. It’s not easy, I still feel really scared. It’s time to face our fears, if we never do, we’ll never live.



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