NEW! They’re Real Push Up Liner by Benefit Cosmetics

I am a huge fan of Benefit Cosmetics products. Almost every make-up product I own is from this brand. Saying that, there’s me buying their newest make-up product: They’re Real push-up liner. “They’re Real” mascara is the only mascara that’s ever worked for me, and I can’t live without it. I decided to try this new liner.

I never wear eye liner but this one opened in me a new chance for a change in my daily make-up routine. The truth is that I am so in love with this push-up liner! It’s a gel based black liner that’s perfect for the upper eye lid and it’s perfect for making the “cat eye” make-up. It’s very easy to use, and it’s made so that it doesn’t cross to you eye. This is a waterproof product so if you want to take it off you have to buy a “waterproof eye make-up remover” because it’s really hard to take off. I recommend this 100%.


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