“Delirium” Unaired Pilot is coming this week

You might know it already, but I just want to make it official in my blog.

The pilot that was declined by CW, based on the book series “Delirium” will premiere on HULU this June,20th. THIS FRIDAY. Sad part is that it will be for a limited days and there’s no promise that it will become a series. The pilot features Emma Roberts as the main character Lena.

I saw the trailer and I liked it a lot. Also, there are some clips around the internet and I liked them a lot, so let’s wait and see.

Lauren Oliver will have a ” viewing internet” twitter party with the fans watching the pilot at 6:30pm, you can’t miss. Follow @oliverbooks and use #deliriumpilot

I will be watching it that day, so look forward for a review and head over my twitter to catch up with reactions and fan reactions.


Are you excited?! I am!


Follow twitter : @1lesslonelyblog


Here’s the trailer:


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