Panic book review






I finally got time to write a book review for “Panic”. I read this book at the beginning of June, I even took it with me to the beach (as you see in the picture). Panic, is a book written by Lauren Oliver who wrote the Delirium series. Overall, I give this book 4 out of 5 stars.

The book is written in Third person POV with two different characters. Some chapters where about Heather, the others about Dodge. Third person POV gave a hard time to get into the book but then I started to get used to it. The book is about hope and losing your fears, which is one of my favorite themes in reading. Somethings are kind of predictable but it was fun to see how things develops. On the other hand, I thought somethings where happening in someways they didn’t actually happened as I imagine them. It was fun, and the ending was so good, better than what I expected. When I finished this book I felt like it talked to me personally and helped me to grow a little. This is the kind of book I will keep in my heart and I will always remember to lose my fears because bravery is in moving forward. Bad things will always come around but we must lose our fears and conquer them.



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